Did you watch "Soap Operas" while you were a JW and was it a "sin" to watch

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  • booker-t

    I remember that in the mid to late 1980's the WT wrote a condemning article on watching "Soap Operas". I was wondering if the Society felt it was a "sin" for JW's to watch Soaps or was it just an admonishment. My JW "pioneering" Aunt used to love watching "All My Children" and mentioned it to her Pioneer partner. A few days later 2 elders came to her home and told her it was wrong for her to watch Soaps because Soaps glamorizes "Aldultery, Fornication" and good JW's should not watch it. My aunt said she tried to break away from "All My Children" but just could not stop watching. Some of the Sisters in her KH started to "mark" her as bad association until my Aunt stopped watching. So I was wondering How many "devout" JW's out there really watch Soaps or do they sneak watch them.

  • stillajwexelder

    I think many JWs do - I certainly did

  • gaybeat

    One elder here said, that we should becarefull watching soap operas, so it was one of those you can watch it but it can't be about fornication/adultery episode. Which is basically in every episode. My mom still watches it.

  • Leolaia

    I watched soaps with my mom when I was in 6th grade and 7th grade (i.e. early 80s). I liked the stories...I even kept a journal where I wrote down day by day the developments of one soap, and started it with as much as I could remember from almost a whole year of watching (I was amazed how much I can remember). It is quite amusing to read that journal today, because it discusses "adult" subjects from a child's point of view.

    I also had some strong Witness attitudes towards seeing pre-marital sex on the soaps...felt very much against that...

  • blondie

    Officially, the WTS says watching soap operas leads to fornication.............

    I watched Dark Shadows..........which was supposed to lead to other things.


  • juni

    Heh Blondie!

    Congratulations on your inductment into the Hall of Fame.

    I watched the soaps w/my mom when I was in grade school and jr. high. When I became JW, I stopped and never watched day time soaps again. To this day I don't - because I think they're so stupid. But I do like Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.


  • blondie

    Thanks, juni.

    I wonder what I should wear to the induction?

    I used to watch shows like Falcon's Crest, but not day time.

    Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy play opposite my favorite shows, Law and Order--Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan. Maybe I'll watch the re-runs this summer assuming they re-run them.

    Blondie (watches too much TV)

  • TresHappy

    I remember an elder's wife telling me I shouldn't watch Knots Landing. I had been watching that show since it started in the late 1970's and always loved it (wasn't as good after Donna Mills left the cast). Then one night I saw her watching Knots Landing's big sister "Dallas", she told me it was OK to watch that because we lived in the Dallas area! I then stopped watching anything soap opery, just in case Jehovah didn't approve. Guess what soap I tape everyday? The 1990 story line from Another World currently broadcast on Soapnet! Also watch Desperate Housewives but its novelty is wearing off; they need to kill off another cast member to make it interesting? Maybe Felicity Huffman - since she almost won an Oscar?

  • juni

    No not Felicity!!

    Perhaps Teri Hatcher.

    I have a feeling I'm starting something ugly here.

    Juni (Peace) where's the peace sign?

  • greendawn

    I completely ignored such silly advice about soap operas and disco music, I never threw away my disco music collection or stopped listening to it because I could see no harm coming out of it. And I never stopped watching soap operas.

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