Did the Universe create God?

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  • tetrapod.sapien

    very cool thread nic.

    i think if we ever do make contact with other intelligent life (as that would be much rarer than just general computational life according to evolution), i think there will be two common threads for communication. things that life, intelligent enough to communicate through the universe with other intelligent life, would have to have discovered in coming to that point:

    the maths

    theory of evolution


  • stillajwexelder

    According to Jethro Tull on the Album Aqualung Man Created God in his own image

  • TopHat
    In millions of years when our sun expands and burns the earth to a crisp, the particles we are made of will be recycled in some way and go on to form other life forms, maybe other universes.

    Well there IS Voyager beyond the solar system to tell some of the story of our existance!

    If there is another life out there to listen to Voyager. You think?

  • moshe

    I rather like this website and if you are partial to this type of thread, you will, too!


    You have to ask the right questions to get good answers.



  • nicolaou

    One line of reasoning against 'god creates universe' is the complexity of the Universe itself. Rather than pointing to a designer, the incredible intricacy of the observable heavens argues against an even more complex and sophisticated maker. Holding to a doctrine of 'god creates universe' leads to an infinite regression unless one assumes that the most complex and intelligent life form in all eternity just arose out of nowhere - unless of course you are willing to accept that 'god' evolved from a simpler life form?!

    How much more satisfying and believable the simple suggestion that intricacy and complexity developed slowly and gradually from the humblest of origins.


  • ballistic

    A little bit on astronomy there moshe, something else I find fascinating.

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