my mom and my sister came to visit....

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  • theinfamousone

    now in case you're wondering why this is such a big deal and why the tears are streaming down my face right now, feel free to look at my story as i like to call it....

    so i think it was thursday i decided to make a huge pot of my little sisters favorite soup for her... when i went to drop it off at their house, well, they werent home, so i left it there with a note just saying hi to her and my mom, and that i miss them and love them... which is probably a shot at my dad who, well you know what i think of him.... i was quite perturbed because i did not receive a phone call or anything to acknowledge that they had received it... so i was a little worried that my father had found it and ripped up my note and thown the soup away... i know it sounds stupid, but i made the soup for my sister, and i mean, i guess it was just to show her how much she means to me... i guess i could have bought her some kind of present, but i dunno, making something seemed right at the time....

    so anyways, finally today i get home from school and find a note under my door... they had both come to visit and they left me a note... well my mom wrote a quick note saying they had visited and were sorry they missed me and thanks so much for the soup and for bringing it to them and showing that i do miss them.... she wishes she had been able to see me... my sister wrote me a letter, and left it under my door as well... she wrote on the enveloppe she wanted to give it to me, but was sad she couldnt see me... she says shell call.... this wouldnt be such a big deal, but its the first contact ive had with her in three months or so... i mean, ive called and left messages, but i dont know if any of them even get to her... this little girl means the world to me... and i havent been able to see her in months.... it isnt fair.... so here i am sitting by the phone, thinking of calling in sick to work, just so i can speak to her, i dont want to miss her call...

    i feel so alone right now, and i just dont know.... im pathetic i know, but i miss her so much....

    the infamous one (wondering if hes a wimp for crying so much, or for feeling soooo alone...)

  • carla

    Sorry you missed them! But that's a new development isn't it? That they would even stop by to see you? Try to call them again and see what happens.

    Good luck,


  • Virgochik

    Dude, you sound like a real sweetheart of a guy! And it sounds like things are looking up with your mom and sis, like they miss you, too! Good luck!

  • juni

    I agree. Sounds encouraging.

    Hey, don't feel bad about crying. You have a lot of pent up emotions. When the "cup" gets full, it overflows. Makes you human.



    I'm so glad to hear that you have FEELINGS!!! After what you have been through, it's amazing! That was really sweet what you did for your sister and she'll always remember it. You need to feel good about yourself and getting your education...who knows, you may get a knock on the door from your sis one day needing a place to stay....


  • outoftheorg

    You sound to me like a very normal man with feelings and a love for your family.

    If this didn't cause tears of joy I would worry about you.

    Always let them see a real man, the man you are, with honesty and love. One that does NOT use tactics that hurt others. Even if your father does, you be kind and try to not hurt the feelings of others.

    Nothing will confuse them and at the same time respect you if you remain a man. Always stand up for yourself in a respectful way and they and others can't help but be maybe puzzeled but more so recognize you as a good honest upright man.

    You have you'r whole life ahead of you. Live it and love it.


  • Balsam


    I just hate that young people like you were so abused in the JW's and the Elders just turned their back on you. I saw it happen over and over again in some of the congregations I was in too. It is sickening when religion of anykind tolerates children being beaten. I know darn well those Elders saw the bruises you wore. What a sick bastard your adopted father is and he deserves to have the same given to him. I know you worry for your little sister, and I pray that she is ok. Did you ever go to the governmental authorities for help? Your father sounds like he needs investigation.

    It is wonderful your sister and adopted mother came to visit you, I really hope they will come again. Couldn't your Mom say she had a bible study and just come sometime when your home. An arranged time? Does he read the mail your Mom recieves. Does she collect the mail or does he? I know you would like to punch that evil man's lights out. Your a very strong and caring young man, and the world is a better place with you in it. I have two sons 23 and 18 who are ex-witnesses along with me their Mom. The JW religion does not condone your adopted fathers actions but certainly enable beaters to go on beating their family. My ex-husband pounded me one time but my three sons (one of my sons died later) jumped in there and pounded the heck out of him and he never touched me again.


  • MuadDib

    I guess I missed your story the first time around, but I clicked on the link and I think I'm pretty close to tears myself now, man. You've gone through a lot of terrible shit - things I couldn't even imagine happening in my own life. Not even close. For you to demonstrate that kind of love and selflessness and concern for your family after all you've been through is absolutely incredible, not to mention achieving what you have with your athleticism and your studies. It takes a special kind of person to rise above that kind of past, my friend. Just as others have said - stick with what you've achieved and what you know about yourself. You are better than what you've had to go through, and so long as you always keep that in mind nobody will be able to touch you. And always remember that there's no shame in telling your stories to us, whatever emotions they elicit - like coolhandluke said to me, we are all brothers and we're here for each other whatever happens.


  • MuadDib

    And for the love of God, never again in your life say that you're "pathetic"! What you've overcome makes you a hero and a champion, and don't you EVER fucking forget it!

  • GoingGoingGone
    i feel so alone right now, and i just dont know.... im pathetic i know, but i miss her so much....

    You're not the least bit pathetic. You're a guy who's been through an amazing amount of crap, and has come out on the other side a winner. You're taking control of your life, you're reaching out to those who you love, and in fact, you're leading by example. Plus, you can cook!

    You're not alone, either. We all care. Your sister knows how much you love her. Keep telling her.


    Edited to add a hug (((((infamous)))))

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