The other shoe dropped...

by mrsjones5 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    HI MRS. JONES . glad you were on yahoo chat; we did have some fun. skally was the ring leader. too bad it's gone . like the generation of 1914. i hope we taught some of the kids there something. any way . good luck with mom. and hold your ground , when you need too. john

  • Mary
    This is the same person who really expects to get her christmas gift from each of her kids each year and is now trying to tell me about the troof.

    You're kidding right? Your JW mom expects and accept pagan christmas gifts from you guys, but she gets pissed off when she can't preach to you about Dub-dumb Land on the phone?

    Can we say "...hypocrite..."


  • Undecided

    When I was a little kid, back in the 40's, we would accept Christmas gifts, just not on Christmas day. We would visit my non-JW grand-parents the day after Christmas.

    Ken P.

  • mrsjones5

    Thank you Juni and to all the others who have replied. It is so wonderful when others (besides my siblings who totally get it) outside of myself totally get what I am saying about my parents and how the society has warped them.

    It is so nice to be validated.


  • sf

    Yea and johnny were BEATIN' DOWN THE WALLS OF HEARTACHE (The Warriors top ten hit back in the day). Remember when we got on mic and he called kingdumb hellholes...lolololol and once he called bethel and he and i got on mic with the bethel, those were the glory days! Ha ha..we ended up telling him he was on mic in an apostate chatroom!!

    skally was the ring leader.

    All I really tried to do was do a thorough WT study every Saturday, thanks to blondie. Boy, did the jws hate THAT! I said to them, well, someone has to do sure aren't going to. I sure miss that room.

    johnny, we brought quite a few to their knees and I know a few have gotten out because of our relentlessness. Take pride my friend.


  • sf

    Pardon me, the lyrics say SHOOTIN' DOWN THE WALLS....either way, those walls crumbled just a little bit more each time we logged in there.

    "Are you wise or stupid for... being in this known apostate chatroom?" They hated that quote. And it came directly from their own litter-ature!


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    yes skally: there's nothing like calling bethel live. for 2 dozen jw zombies. to listen in and watch thier faith melt in less then 5 minutes. all because of the dopes at the service dept. are half of a man. and are running to the ladies room . to hide behind some sisters skirt. them boys at bethel need to get some BACK BONE

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