Has Noah's Ark been found? New satellite images of anomaly on Mt. Ararat

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  • Nosferatu
    Is everyone missing the blazingly obvious! It can't be the bloody ark - its shaped like a boat and the bible story book clearly shows it looks like a big house without windows!

    So that's where they got the inspiration to design Kingdom Halls!

  • Crumpet

    Its in the bible story book - story number 7. Basically it looks like a box made of wood without any pointy bits. YOU must remember it if you were a JW kid and the lengthy explanations at the meetings about hwo if you built the ark from the instructions in Genesis it turns out box shaped not boat shaped - I only got to see the boat version recently courtesy of fisher price - its cute!

  • IP_SEC

    Well I dont think the bible says exactly what it look like, I gives the measurements but not the shape. A boat can be 300 feet by 50 by 25 feet and still be boat shaped.

    The problem with the world wide flood is that all life on the planet would have been destroyed by heat because of the energy released in the flood, which has been calculated.

    Without some magical intervention by god no a and his family would have died. This is far from the only problem with the flood myth.

  • luna2
    I believe the ark to be true, how come you don't luna?

    Aw, hon, I don't believe in a lot of things any more. If you do, that's fine.

  • jwfacts


    The ark could be real, that it is sitting kilometres up in a mountain is impossible. There is ample evidence that there was not a global flood that covered the highest mountains. The flood story most likely was about a significant localised flood.

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