The false pride of a "Window Washer"

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  • DannyHaszard

    A whole lotta JW's have flunky jobs there must be more JW's per capita in theses 'service' jobs than any other religion.

    In all fairness some paid well.

    I worked for 5 years at the Seabrook nuclear plant and had other skilled jobs and some got jealous.

  • daniel-p

    Not sure what your point is... nothing wrong with having humble employment. Hell, some people just dont have the ambition for anything else. And taking pride in your work - whatever it is - is an admirable thing. How is having pride in being able to clean a window "false"?
    You sure have a knack for putting your foot in your mouth - and even more of a knack for backtracking... lol.

  • wednesday

    back then I cleaned houses, apartments. i made excellent money. I sat my own hours, cleaned for whom I chose to. It paid a lot better than a 9-5 job. Of course, there were no benefits and it is very physical work.

  • ferret

    Well said bikerchic, I wholehearted agree with you.

  • ballistic

    I did the window cleaning thing for a couple of years - yes - good money.

  • lola28
    At the time it sounded good. But yesterday when I saw the dude cleaning windows, my first thought was, what in the hell is a middle aged man doing washing windows?&

    Maybe he likes cleaning windows, ever thought of that? or maybe he took this as a second job to help supplement his income, or maybe washing windows is his hobby. How dare we judge other people for the kind of work they do? I mean really, what does it matter what the guy does for a living? As long as he is making his money honesty it should not matter to you or to me what he does.


  • silentWatcher

    Lisa, you are out of line. First, it's not cool to "name names" in a forum like this. Ken and Debbie M. would have been enough. Secondly, Ken and Debbie are two of the absolute nicest, most humble people I've had the pleasure of knowing. I believe you're joking with the Merrill Lynch comment, and it's extremely poor taste.

    Also, please don't blurt out my name on this board.


  • Finally-Free

    I made more money cleaning windows 20 years ago than I do today as a network administrator. And I had much more control over my time. If I had the health for it I'd consider doing it again.


  • ballistic

    looks like we followed the same career path FinallyFree. I would go back to it if it wasn't so bloody cold in winter.

  • lola28
    The truth is, he used to make millions in Mergers and Acquisitions for Merrill Lynch, but then he got dissillusioned and threw it all away to scrub windows.

    I'm sorry i just read this and it struck me as a mean and nasty statement, kinda bitchy too.


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