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  • Unclepenn1

    Hi Debbie, have you ever been to a church? I mean, lately? There are some wonderful churches that I frequent, where they teach about God in a loving and supportive environment. I think it is worth a try. Dont let the WT indoctrination keep you away. You just need to experiment and see what is right for you. I think you might be surprised.


  • jgnat

    I always parented with the end in mind. That is, I knew there would be a day where the majority of my work would be over. At some point I would be releasing two independent, strong young people out in to the world. By and large, I succeeded.

    I wanted my children to be strong and independent. What do you want for your child most of all?

    It's not too early to teach critical thinking skills. I used to play BS bingo with my children with television commercials. Or we would be try and be first to name the product and the purpose. (As commercials become ever more sophisticated, this gets harder and harder. Explain to me WHY I should talk to my doctor about Celebrex?)

    You can also teach by telling stories. There are modern fables that teach honorable qualities in to our children. If you know what your vision is for your child, it will be easier to figure out what to build on now.

    You are Special by Max Lucado http://www.parable.com/parable/item_0891079319.htm

    All the Veggie Tales http://www.bigidea.com/

    Critical Thinking for Children http://www.criticalthinking.org/resources/tgs/critical-thinking-for-children.shtml (Permanent inoculation against cults)

    All the books by Beverly Cleary http://www.beverlycleary.com/index.html

  • osmosis

    Hello and welcome

    you do NOT need to go to church or take your child to church, in fact personally I advise against it.

    your child does not need to be a part of any belief system to avoid a controlling and destructive belief system. cults like the JWs, while having a high level of control over all their members, are relatively unsuccessful at convincing most people to join, mainly because their beliefs are so outrageously insane that even your average believer can't make the required leap of faith.

    Assimilating your child into one belief system actually makes them more susceptible to the religious ideas of others. In my opinion the best thing you can do is go agnostic or atheist, for the sake of your child's mind.

  • Carmel

    Welcome debbiedebbie! I've found churchianity is pretty much a waste of valuable time. My five children only went to church as guests of their friends and that was pretty infrequent. My wife and I made sure we taught our kids to respect all others, to be tolerant of those that believed differently than they and to live a moral life. No one was taught through the fear tactics common to many denominations. For every moral truth, there is a practical reason(s) behind it. If you kids are suckled at the breast of moral and ethical training, they will be more valuable to humanity and to themselves than all the phd's in the world.

    I wish you well.


  • damselfly

    Welcome DebbieDebbie. If the idea of church is uncomfortable to you now then don't go.

    I don't care to go for myself but Im worried my child will end up in a controlling organization like I did.

    If you talk to her and make sure she is able to think for herself and use critical thinking skills then she should be fine. Freedomlover and jgnat had great suggestions.


  • cosmic

    Hello DebbieDebbie, are you any kin to PizzaPizza? (Just kidding) I have to agree with Sickoflies (SOL?) what is wrong with you teaching your child yourself? It would be interesting to find out from those "raised in the truth" who they learned more about reliion from, their parents or the schmucks at the KH?

  • debbiedebbie

    Thank you all for your welcome and many excellent ideas!!!!!

  • EAGLE-1

    I said the same thing when I was younger.If that was the truth I would rather die than spend eternity with those a--holes.

    I am new here too.Used to post at a similiar sites years ago.Thought I should get back in one of these to help out the escapees.

    Church is not my first choice.It could even make you feel worse based on my feelings.In fact I feel like an alien visiting a strange place when I go to a church or anything like it.It seems primitive and silly to me.Its like I wonder what the heck is wrong with these people.Then again a church here in the American south is a bit like a step back in time.

    Parents can raise a child without a church . I raised three and I gave them freedom of choice in religious matters. None of them have turned into the anti-christ.

    You are free now .Enjoy it.

  • LDH

    Hi there double D.

    If there is one thing I never wanted either child (16 & 4) to learn, it's that they were born as SINNERS.

    Sorry. Don't believe it. They don't need to be 'saved' from themselves either. They are humans and have flaws and faults, and there are ways to deal with those flaws without laying a religious guilt trip.


    Perfect just the way you are Class

    (ps jgnat loved those suggestions)

  • Clam

    Hi DebbieDebbie and welcome. Bring your child up to respect and be considerate to other people, that's the main thing in my opinion. Most importantly you're away from the Cult known as Jehovah's Peopleā„¢. Be thankful for that and live life in freedom.

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