WTS: its real patrons

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  • greendawn

    Do you believe that the WTS is being protected assisted and guided by demonic powers despite their claim that they are strictly associated only with God and his Spirit?

    I personally think it is not a coincidence that many things happen in their favour it is for example the demons that fight the "apostates" to prevent them from damaging the WTS by exposing their wrong doing. They also help blind and mislead ppl to enter this destructive cult.

  • purplesofa

    It has crossed my mind at times.

  • Narkissos

    The "devil" and "demons" are the ideal conspiracy actors. They can make any theory consistent. Whenever the events or appearances are against you they will explain everything to your satisfaction.

  • ferret

    Thats a good point, it's possible.

  • anewme

    Wow, that is a new thought!

    I never thought of the Watchtower Society as a pawn of Satan!

    My god!

  • Elsewhere
    I personally think it is not a coincidence that many things happen in their favour

    I'm afraid that you are the victim of a common brainwashing technique: The "leader" is blessed with all sorts of favorable coincidences.

    Stop and think about all of the favorable things that happen to you by simple coincidence. Stop and think about all of the favorable coincidences that happen to all successful corporations.

    It is nothing special.

    When one is being brainwashed, the "leader" likes to emphasise successes while suppressing failures. You have been brainwashed to see all of the successes in a magnified light.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    They are either extraordinarily lucky, or do have some kind of supernatural protection. I hope it's the former, because luck always runs out, eventually.

  • EAGLE-1

    Its been my observation that the US govt protects its corporate Christian organizations in the name of religious freedom unless they are Muslims then our govt bombs the shit out of them.Oh and Israel can do no wrong either.If the Muslims do something its a terrorist attack,If Israel commits an identical act its called and early mornig raid.

    Its is my opinion that the American govt protects and assists them [the wtbs] and most of them are lawyers {senators etc} just like the wtbs oligarchy and therefore demons--:}

  • Leolaia


  • Virgochik

    Well, Satan is the Father of the Lie. Look how lying and deceptive the Blundering Body is! I do see a connection. I think maybe in the early origins, there were sincere people, but somewhere along the way, a demonic corrupt influence took over.

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