WTS: its real patrons

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  • peacefulpete

    Its a communist/terrorist/alien plot to take over the world!

  • Kaput
    Do you believe that the WTS is being protected assisted and guided by demonic powers despite their claim that they are strictly associated only with God and his Spirit?

    Considering that Jehovah's Witnesses have never been, are not and will never be the TRUE religion, one may wonder what god they are actually worshipping and what spirit is directing them. If, in fact, they are following the dictates of an evil segment of spirit world entities, then evidently the ignorant R&F are being directed by powerful forces which they are completely unaware of and powerless to oppose. If, instead, they are blindly following the dictates of men, then the power over the R&F is wielded by those individuals who have had decades to perfect techniques of human control. Some of us have been able to extract ourselves from the religion, and this may demonstrate that the WBTS is just a human institution controlled solely by humans. Then again, there may be forces for good within the spirit realm that have assisted us in effecting our release, thus frustrating the efforts of the evil spirits who seek to keep us ensnared. I have yet to see the proof either way, so for me the jury is still out.

  • peacefulpete

    Please relate one example of when the WTS was unexplainably spared embarassment or legal action. They have in fact lost cases, been exposed for hypocrisy,and been compelled to modify policy because of legal pressure. When they win in court it is because they qualify for the legal protections granted all or they lie. The bad exposure and losses have not destroyed the WTS because people cannot be convinced aainst their will and 6 million people will the WTS to be right.

  • dvw

    im not an apologist for israel, but when have they done anything even close to what the muslims do?

    jew suicide bombers? no.

    the muslims send their 8 year olds out to throw rocks at tanks.

    the muslims would fight amongst themselves if they ran out of "infidels" to attack.

    read the koran. the terrorists are not extremists, they are fundamentalists.

  • Honesty
    Do you believe that the WTS is being protected assisted and guided by demonic powers despite their claim that they are strictly associated only with God and his Spirit?

    I've journeyed to both sides: Darkness and Light; Evil and Good; Guilt and Freedom.

    How many Watchtower Society promises have been realised?

    How many have lost their lives adhering to its everchanging policies and doctrines?

    How many have taken their own lives because of being ejected from the Watchtower Society's religious organization?

    How many families have been disrupted and broken by the Watchtower Society?

    How many of its followers suffer from major depression and unexplainable illnesses?

    How many of its core doctrines such as 1914 are steeped in Pyramidology and numerology?

    The Watchtower Society has nothing of substance nor anything beneficial to offer its followers.

    After contemplating the above questions, there is only one conclusion that can be arrived at.

    The Watchtower Society is an evil entity that has always been ruled by demonic influences.

  • hallelujah

    Dear dvw;

    You might start with the execution massacres of a hundred Palestinian children, women and men in Deir Yassin in 1948 by the Stern Gang and the execution of 3000 Palestinian civilians, mostly children, women and the elderly in Sabra and Chatila in 1982 where the Israeli army under Ariel Sharon surrounded the unarmed refugee camps and sent in the "Christian militia" to exterminate the Palestinians. Perhaps it has something to do with the discourse of zionism that the Palestinians are simply two legged animals.

    Interestingly Charles Taze Russell was a fundamentalist zionist in the cast of the new right in America today, who believe that zion must be restored in historical Eretz Israel (greater Israel) before the messianic rule can begin, so the early Watchtower publications are partly responsible for the dispossession and acts of extermination against the Palestinians in Palestine and Lebanon.

    I request you to read Israel in Lebanon - report of the International Commission to Enquire into Reported Violations of International Law

    Daniel Taylor

  • GodisRight
    Do you believe that the WTS is being protected assisted and guided by demonic powers despite their claim that they are strictly associated only with God and his Spirit?

    Ya know, I was thinking that a demon decieved me into becomeing a JW. So it is interesting to me that you bring up this topic. I think the WTS is under the influence of wicked forces. Why else would they not see the truth of crisis of consious? The info is there to show them that their doctrines are wrong. Why are they not listening if they care so much about the truth?

  • Clam

    I’m with PeacefulPete on this one. I think if the demons™ were helping out the WTS then they’d be doing a much better job.

    The WTS is simply another monstrosity created by men. Imperfect, fuelled by greed and vanity, it’s one of many unpleasant institutions lying in wait to trap its prey.

  • greendawn

    My first suspicion that the WTS are demon guided was when I reflected on their claim that angels guide their preaching, but already knowing that they are a destructive cult if there are any angels guiding them then they must be demonic angels, I said no way God's angels will bring ppl into this organisation.

    Still I think that they have powerful demonic backing that protects and promotes their interests and seeks to massively block psychologically those working against the WTS, they will not succed in preventing the fall of any daughter of Babylon but only in delaying its coming.

  • DannyHaszard

    Hard fast rule-people usually imitate the God that they worship

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