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  • Lo-ru-hamah

    I have no idea how to overcome the use of our vehicles. And my comments the last few days do not reflect how I really feel. Just itching for a fight I guess, taking pot shots at swalker, making myself look like an absolute imbecile.

    If we were in Europe I would be glad to tell you that we have a wonderful mass transit system to get everyone around in a convenient and safe manner but that is not the case. The US has not planned for its citizens to travel by any other means than by auto. Forcing us to deal with the rising gas prices. Personally, I think everyone in the US should just stop for one day. No one should go to work, play, eat, nothing. They should demand that the government force the oil companies to look into alternative means of fuel, which we all know exist.

    I am not a republican or a democrat. I think they are all corrupt and they all are making entirely too much money off of the backs of hard working people just trying to make a living. So, I guess my solution is a country wide strike. Which will never happen. Or we could all move to a really big city and walk everywhere instead of drive. Not exactly possible either. So, no solutions here just offering more problems.


  • IP_SEC

    We've got to start researching alt forms of energy. Burning oil is like shiting in your own yard.

    If I were pres I would make a goal of getting off of oil completely in the next 10 years. Drill anywhere now, just find another source of energy. Even if the oil left to be found would last us the next 100 years we still need to find something else and quick.

    I would say drill in Alaska if it were a stop gap for a bigger plan, but it doesnt seem there is a bigger plan. Screw the oil companies. For the good of the planet and humanity we got to do something else.

    my 2 pence


    Loruhamah...everyone has those days! No harm done!

    About neice bought a Prius last year and is loving life!!! It is mostly battery operated...drives great...gets outstanding gas mileage. On the highway a lot of times it's registering 90 mpg! I plan on that being my next car. I saw where Leonardo DiCaprio (sp) bought every one in his family one of those and that's what he drives. You'd be surprised how roomy it is also!

    It would certainly help if the U.S. made car companies here make cars that compare to the above.


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