'PROPER' dress code for kids at the KH

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  • Virgochik

    Good for you, Justicia!

    I am in agreement with dressing nicely to show respect for the setting one will be in, but I always asked for proof that this means skirts and dresses for women! Many women look so much sharper in slacks suits. Some have a physical reasosn for wearing them, such as legs sensitive to cold from poor circulation, diabetes, or varicose veins that they are self conscious about. Does any of this matter to the MEN who insist they must put on a dress and be miserable? No! I was always told to wear a dress due to "community standards." Well, Hello! In many communities, it is the norm now to see women in pants, and skirts have become the exception.

    The real issue is dressing nicely to attend meetings. This should not preclude the wearing oif "nice" pantsiuts if the sister chooses.

    Once, when I was about 18, I put on a navy pin-striped pantsuit and went up to my elder dad. "Dad, do I look sharp in this?" (Yes, very sharp! You look nice!)

    "Do I look dressed up and neat in appearance?" (Yes, very dressy outfit; what's the occasion?)

    "Can I wear this to the Hall Sunday?" (Haha, no! You can't wear pants to the Hall!)

    "Why not? Where does it say that? I'm neat, sharp and dressed up, you said so!" (Never got a solid answer; just, you can't wear pants to the Hal.l


  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Thanks for the support Virgochik. You would be surprised at how many "good" sisters are looking forward to my doing this. The Society's position has always been that our dress should match the professional standards of our community. However, I feel the dresses/skirts only dogma has morphed into the JW burka (spelling?).

    I am open to any brother presenting a LOGICAL reason for the prohibition. My oldest daughter in an accountant for one of the Big 6 national accounting firms. She routinely flys the nation performing audits. All women in positions of power and accountability in her firm prefer and wear pants. However, open toed shoes are frowned upon.

    Women lawyers routinely argue cases before state Supreme Courts in pantsuits. Accounting and law are the two most conservative industries in the US. If pantsuits are NORMAL wear for these two industries, pantsuits are more than acceptable for the Kindgom Hall.

    Besides, have you seen some of the dresses the sisters wear? I understand that not everyone has tons of money and many frequent the Goodwill, but must you buy clothes more fitting of a bag lady?

  • Virgochik

    Hey, Justitia, sorry I mis-spelled your name the first time!

    I do not have a problem following rules, but am only asking to see the basis for them. Where is the rule found, and by whose authority must we obey it? The elders can't satisfy either request. I am a Supervisor with the US Postal Service, and I know from experience that I get less respect from the employees when I wear a floral print dress or skirt and heels, than I do when in a business like slacks and jacket. I almost venture to say the elders like females in dresses to keep them in their place; that is, less commanding of respect!

    Imagine if all the sisters refused one day to follow this unscriptural, un Bible-based, rule of men, and refused to dress their children this way any more...what would they do?

    Picture the Stepford Wives up in arms!

    You could start something big, especially if you spread the word about the sisters' attire in Denmark! You may open a door that cannot be closed again. I think you are very brave! Please keep us posted on how it goes.

  • Hawkeye

    I always thought it was stupid that you HAD to wear a skirt or dress. Especially when it could be 30 or 40 below zero! What is wrong with pants?

    I agree kids need discipline, but to battle over something so trivial is NOT worth it. Pick your battles. I'm sure this child just looked soooooo forward to meetings at the kingdom hell. What good memories she will have!!!!

  • itsallgoodnow

    That rule is so backward. I guess it gives a good idea to interested people what type of group they are getting involved with. I could be wrong about this, but I don't get the feeling many churches are like this. Maybe Islamic groups have really stiff dress guidelines, but not most Christian churches.

  • desertlily

    Good morning brothers and sisters:

    Just a thought, but with pedophiles lurking in the KH's worldwide, please cover up as much of your children as possible, for their own safety and your peace of mind, in spite of the WTS "rules".

    Much Christian Love to All


  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Dear Desertlily:

    Welcome! I hope your comment was meant sarcastically and not literally. I trust you are aware that how a person dresses does not make her (or him) more or less likely to be the victim of a sexual crime, including childhood molestation. In fact, the 'good, little, modestly dressed, passive, Jehovah's Witness child' is the the MOST likely to be abused.

  • Crumpet

    This whole "community standard" issue for deciding what is appropriate to wear for meetings etc is confusing me. Was I the ONLY person who was told that trousers could not be worn to meetings or on the doors because this would in fact be crossdressing - going against scriptural condemnation of women who put on the apparrel of men and vice versa?

    This of course left me totally confused as a teenager as to why it was okay to wear jeans for quick builds or for "mucking out" the football stadiums pre and post district conventions - was I now a transvestite?

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Wow Crumpet! Bad info...no wonder you were confused. As far as I can remember, "community standard" was the official issue. I have heard of individuals linking the crossdressing issue, but I do not know if there was anything "offically" printed. The whole crossdressing thing doesn't hold water; when that scripture was written, men wore dresses and women wore (harem)pants!!!

    However, I would LOVE to see that enforced...make the brothers wear dresses!!!!!

  • Dune

    I remember a girl that was in our congregation when i was younger. The elders used to chase her around about her dresses (low cut, slits, the whole deal). She got fed up and only attends the Memorials. Guess i'll be seeing her this year

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