'PROPER' dress code for kids at the KH

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  • jambon1

    Speaking to a sister while I was in, she mentioned to me some trouble she was having trying to get her young daughter into a skirt for the meetings. To cut a long story short, the girl just did`nt like skirts. Simple as that.

    The sister was telling me that she battled with the daughter for ages and it made meeting nights dreaded & wearisome to the entire family. She gave up eventually but then went on to highlight the problems with people looking down on the family because of this, like, some would be stumbled.

    Anyway, this sister just looked so tired/weary/fed up as she was telling me the story.

    Just goes to show the pressure people are under due to such stupid, unnecessary rules (oops, sorry, dress code)

  • FairMind

    I'm curious as to how old the young daughter is. If she is four years old or older then having her wear a dress to the KH as present dress code dictates, would seem to be in order. At some point in a child's life discipline is required. I agree that the WTS is a behind times in relaxing their dress code. IMO business casual (which most companies went to years ago) is quite appropriate. Perhaps those conducting meeting parts should wear more formal clothing but not those of us who are just attendees.

  • carla

    How many 'outfits' do you suppose the first century Christians had? and did Jesus care?

  • aiella

    More antiquated rubbish from the Pharasees of Brooklyn.

  • unclebruce

    Does the kid still get around naked or wear clothes to school?

    I can sympathise with the weary sister to a certain extent but there are a lot of lazy undisciplined dubs about. We had very little money and good quality coats were imposible to find for adults in adelaide let alone kids. Yet when my wife was handmaking our girls clothing we were sometimes told that were materialistic for buying 'such expensive coats and dresses' for them (susan is a very good seamstress). Some used any excuse for their own laziness and lack of discipline.

    That said who's business is it if the kid wants to wear slacks to the kingdom hall? I thought that sexist fight was over long ago.

    Is there a uniform Kingdom Hall dress code? In Papua New Guinea my conservative Adelaide clothes were frowned on. I wasn't allowed on field service till I adopted great white hunter attire - shorts, bright indonesian shirt, no tie and long socks.

    unc whom believes in apropriate clothing for the task at hand.

    ps: In australia we have uniforms from the cradle to the grave, prison grey school uniforms, white or blue collar workwear, fishing clothes, beach clothes, sunday go to meeting clothes, welding gear, surfing outfit, hiking kit, etc .. and our traditional national dress - thongs, shorts and t shirt.

  • blondie

    First, I do think the WTS involves itself too much in people's choices.

    But, I do realize that elsewhere in the community at large, official and unofficial dress codes exist.

    Some schools require uniforms.

    Some employers require uniforms (and not just the military).

    Some employers require more formal dress for both men and women (orchestras, i.e.)

    Some employers require employees to wear suits and/or skirts when dealing with clients.

    I had a teacher who would have a job interview dress day. He would tell us what day and we all had to come as we would if we were going on an interview that day. Then he would critique us and help us find clothing that was appropriate to keep in our wardrobe. He did that because we spent so much time in casual clothing at school and outside school that many of us didn't even own proper clothing for an interview for the jobs we wanted.

    So I think if she is a minor at home and the parent is reasonable about her choices, she could find something that she feels comfortable in.

    I no longer attend meetings but still wear skirt/dress for job interviews, weddings, more formal entertainment events such as classical concert openings, fancy restaurants, special events such as anniversaries. I have worked in the legal setting for many years and the judges, lawyers, etc., wear more formal clothing when appearing in court and on the other days, jeans. BTW, the men have no restrictions re beards.

    She could consider it practice and preparation for the day she goes on interviews for those serious jobs she wants.

    Blondie (culled her closet but still has a few "skirts" around)

  • Scully


    hiking kit

    are you sure that's not "hiking kilt"? LittleToe swears by 'em (or at 'em, depending on which way the wind blows)

    and then there's this:

    and our traditional national dress - thongs, shorts and t shirt.
    They've included underwear in the Traditionalâ„¢ National Dress, now have they? Maybe a little too much information, eh?
  • Gill

    LOL! Oh Scully! These aussies just can't speak proper like what we do!

    Thongs in Australia = Sandals!

    However! I did picture Unclebruce in a nice Australian flag 'thong'! That had me falling about laughing for a few minutes. I think they call 'thongs', 'strings' in Australia.

    Unlcebruce - correct me if I'm wrong please - you know those tiny little 'pants' with a thin string that goes up between your arse cheeks and a little pouch or triangle at the front - are they strings in Australia!

    (I can't believe I'm asking this question, I'm laughing so much!'

  • serendipity

    My daughter hated dresses from the time she was 2 1/2 until she was 4. She was a tomboy, and didn't like anything frilly or constricting. It was also a battle for me to get her into dresses for the meeting. I should have just let her wear pants.

  • cosmic

    The Bible says that the real God does not care "about the outer appearance of a man." But, since JWs have nothing to do with the real God, outer appearances have been raised to paramount heights. For me, this is the primary piece of proof that a JW congregation is nothing more than a social club and has absolutely nothing to do with a persons spirituality.

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