Slap Gumby Here ~ Weak Poll #2

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  • unclebruce

    Hey damselfly - that's not gumby poking pokey! it's just farkel and slugga playing funny buggers

  • damselfly

    I was duped


  • unclebruce

    Don't worry damselfly, you're not the first to be f'd by a fake gumby .. there are reports of folk getting f'd by fake farkels all the time (plastic donkeys mostly)

    shit, the farkelmeister's gonna kill me if he sees this..

  • Rabbit


    Oh yes there is Annie. You ain't seen the apostofest pics of me in Dallas teaching apostate beginners how to use brother Valis's "peace pipe". Me was real bad

    I was there ! I was a willing eager student of Master Gumbong. I was a mere naive virgin in such worldly ™ ways...Gumby was patient & gentle with me. He brought me into a smokey back room, smiled and showed me his pride and joy. And no, no pictures ! That's kinda private, dontcha think ??

    "Ya' wanna try it, Rabbit ?"

    (R) "Sure," I said. "I've always wanted to do that, but, never had the chance, until now. But, I don't know how..."

    (G) "No problem, I've been doin' it a long time -- I'll teach ya, brother Rabbit. First, put your hand around it, relax a don't wanna break it ya' know.

    (R) "Like this...Master Gumby ?"

    (G) "Aww...yeah. ya' sure you haven't done this before ?"

    (R) "Nope, this is my first time. So, where do I put my mouth ?"

    (G) "Right here on the end... how's that ?"

    (R) "Mghmmghh mehy oood..."

    (G) "I know ya' want bad, but, take it outta yer mouth to talk."

    (R) "Oh, , duh, it's different...mighty good. It smells funny, tho' "

    (G) "O-K...just a second it's almost ready...OK, put it back in your mouth...yeah -- just like that -- OK, now when I say so...suck it up really hard, K ? "

    (R) "Mmmmhem"

    (G) "Suck hard !"

    (R) "Like...that ?'

    (G) "Well, nobody does it right the first time, here, let me get it ready again, don't give up...."

    Eventually, I got it 'right'. Damn, I felt SO good. Light headed and relaxed, too. Master Gumby was proud of his teaching skills & his pupil. He had such a big smile of satisfaction on his face. He said, "OK, now let me show you how an pervert expert does it." Damn he was good.

    Anyway, that's the way I remember it. Learning the art of sucking smoke out of a bong was a real treat !



  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    mmm's nearly time for a Flirt With Doc Here thread ...heh heh he...

    Im too new here, no one knows me. Ballistic might show up though dressed as a sheila just to get me going lol (he hates that)

  • ballistic

    shit the Ozzies are up and about!

  • gumby
    shit the Ozzies are up and about!

    Just when I was gonna comment on rabbits post and give some more "specifics" of the wordly partying we all was involved in....s'pecially rabbit, I find out the Ozbastard is on board and now I'll feel guilty sayin stuff. I'm waitin till he goes back to bed then I'll re-"hash" the story bout rabbit and his worldy Dallas bunch. They ain't just got wildfires and tornados round them there parts ya know?!!!

    Doc Jekyll....your gonna fit right in

    Gumby....who thinks Damsfly is acting just like Satan and postin nasty immoral pictures of my personal life with my pet donkey.

  • ballistic

    gumby , you're a ., a , a sheep like you love those ozzie ba*tards like sheep I tell you, thats where all the sheep come from!

  • gumby

    I can tell brother ballistic is already hittin the sauce and it's still early yet.

    ...poor drinkin little bastard...I kinda feel sorry for the guy.


  • ballistic

    muahhahahaha, and to think I haven't even started googling "gumby" yet, Just think what all fun I have in stall.

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