JW's ruin my dinner.

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  • Honesty
    Excuse me, but I am testing my psychic ability- Are you Jehovah's Witnesses?" The answer was a "Yes". They all had big smiles when I had guessed they were JW's

    They all went on their merry way thinking that the reason they were ID'd is because JW's are different than all those evil worldly people around them. The fog is thick in some places and the WTBT$ fog is thickest of them all.

  • moshe

    What was HER nationality?


    I don't know , let me think, hmmm

    - she was white- had light brown/wavy hair- about a size 14-16,medium height- Her face was round in shape, her nose was wider than average. My psychic powers tell me she has a brother, too- his name is- is Billy Joe Jim Bob - it's getting more clear,clearer - I see it---- She's from Kentucky! - and of Scotch/ Irish ancestry!

    I am back to my old devilish self today. I figure JW's at dinner last night must have been at a Circuit assembly at the local C-Asmbly hall. They finished up the afternoon program and they went out to dinner together. Just a hunch.



  • primitivegenius

    i agree with oldflame that to treat them badly or rudely would affirm their false faith .............. HOWEVER i still mighta hadta whispered to the hostest that it was three groups celebrateing birthdays........ so they would get the whole place singing happy birthday to them and a free cake lol. now that woulda been damn funny

  • lilybird

    I stopped for lunch in a fast food restaurant and saw a former JW friend , her husband and her sister eating there. We had been close ..lived together for a while before we both married and were in each others weddings. Her sister had been disfellowshipped for a while,, but I would always go to visit her with her sister as she was my best friend..Her sister would tell me I shouldn't be visiting her,,but I didn't see why not.. she wasn't a bad person.. Anyways. point of story is.. they all 3 looked at my like I was a stump or something and didn't answer my hello when I stopped by their table ----- totally ignored me and went on talking.. Which didn't really surprise me,, but I thought how hyporcritical when I didn't ignore her years ago.. But I didn't let it ruin my day...it just proved to me how screwed up the JW thinking is.. and how they think they are so superior and really enjoy any opportunity to look down on others not of the JW beliefs..

  • desbah


    here's my favorite pic. of Red Lobster

    carry on...


  • PoppyR

    We may not all be in the same boat, but when I was a dub I BELIEVED it!! That is I'd proudly walk past the apostates at assemblies and wonder What in the hell makes them do that?? Because in my own mind controlled brain.. I could not see the wood for the trees, so someone walking up to me and trying to convince me I was wrong.. just proved to me more and more how right I was.

    I honestly feel nobody leaves the organisation until they are ready, and a word spoken at the proper time.. ie when they are already weak, might help.

    A colleague who was an ex witness waited for 3 years before she brought up to me the 607 thing, if she had spoken to me about it at the beginning when I was heavily involved I probably would never have discussed religion with her again, because I wasn't ready. As it was, she timed it perfectly, asked me if I was still going to meetings and then BAM!

    I treat witnesses with respect, I feel sorry for them, and hope in time they will see what I can now see is a blinding light! I remember how I felt to be a witness, I hated going to restaurants looking so obviously different, I wanted to fit in, and I'm sure most of those do too. But I am starting to feel the heart thumping, dry mouth reaction when a dub walks towards me on the street, are they or aren't they going to talk to me! I find it so weird that I am not D'Ad or Dfed yet many turn their heads away. Truly an organisation that has love as it's second command??

    Poppy xxxx

  • TheOldHippie

    Balsam - how utterly childish !

  • sass_my_frass

    Haven't had that exact same thing happen, but many times I've been one of those morons on the dinner table. Go anywhere and observe the behaviour of any group that size. Say a restaurant with a table of people from a sports club, workmates, relatives gathered for a big family birthday, young girls out on the prowl, old ladies out playing bridge... or any group surrounded by strangers; teenagers on public transport, a hens night snaking through the red light district... any gathering of people has the momentum and confidence to generate a feeling of 'ownership' of the room among a portion of them. There's a lot of 'it's so great to be us' combined with 'who is looking at us and wishing they were us?' Yawn.

    Hmm, apparently it's deep thoughts week.

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