JW's ruin my dinner.

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  • carla

    Jehovah was right when he said we would be persecuted"

    Well right there is the problem. Simply disagreeing or finding something ridiculous is not persecution. Maybe we all need to carry pictures around of human beings who actually have been persecuted for their faith to show jw's. Headless bodies, bodies swinging from ropes and shot up corpses, maybe that would shock them into what the real definition of persecution means.

    Individually jw's are fine, just people, however get them in a group and they can become like the street gang in the cities. Individually some of the gang members may not be so bad. May not even be able to fight their way out of a paper bag. Get them together and the group mentality comes out and they have 'power'. They feed off each other and the group. In the same way jw's when in a group begin the 'we're so persecuted, they don't like us' routine and the group mentality takes over. It is uncomfortable to be in a place with a bunch of them. It's odd to be in room full of people who think you worthy of death. It's strange to be in room full of people who protect child molesters, advocate the break up families and would very likely do anything their leaders in NY tell them. So if some exjw has a moment with a group of them you will just have to forgive them, they are just human and make mistakes. Isn't that the jw line? Or is that only for false prophecies not individuals?

  • oldflame


    Good mourning doll,

    I was not agreeing with the faith or saying that how the JW acts is a good thing by any means. But I was in the Borg and I can recall many many times JW's making remarks to things going on outside of their organisation about how the society was right.

    Besides how can we say we are any different if we act just like them ? I believe it only makes them stronger. I still believe that it is kindness that conquers all things. And if you are an ex dub acting out in a manner in which I spoke of earlier then it just proves everything they believe.

  • carla

    Hey Old Flame,

    Yeah I know. They are just so damn frustrating sometimes! Your right of course. My jw finally gave up on the persecution bit when I researched some modern day people who are actually killed for their faith. So that's something I guess. At least I'm not 'persecuting' him by simply disagreeing.

  • willyloman
    Sorry but I just don't agree with this type of mentality and level of respect.

    When we were dubs, we were in total ignorance about the social contract that exists -- or should -- between all god's children. We were trained bigots, taught to be intolerant and judgmental, and we became good at it.

    A common trait when we wise up and leave is that we become better people in this regard. Less judgmental of others. Infinitely more tolerant.

    That's why I find your reaction puzzling. But that's me.

  • CountryGuy
    Being recognised as JWs by strangers is another mind-control mechanism implanted deep within the JW brain.

    For gay people, this ability is called gaydar.
    What would you call it for current and former JWs? Dubdar?

  • delilah

    Besides how can we say we are any different if we act just like them ? I believe it only makes them stronger. I still believe that it is kindness that conquers all things.

    I have to agree with this comment. Whenever I "run into" old "friends" from the hall, I wouldn't even notice them, if it wasn't for the fact, that they get all nervous, and start flailing their arms about,and shuffling around and acting all wierd.

    I just walk right past them, oblivious, but it is they who act strange, and whisper about me as they pass by. I even get glares from them as they drive past me in their vehicles, and again, if they weren't so obvious, I wouldn't even know it was them. I'm not df'd or da'd...just faded.

    I have smiled and even waved, one time, and they seemed to think I'd grown horns and a tail. It sent them scurrying....as much as I'd love to act like them, I won't. I refuse to bring myself down to their level, and give them fuel for their gossip machine.

  • greendawn

    They are themselves victims that have been deceived into believing in non existent realities and unfortunately their minds have been conditioned to close when anyone tries to show them why they are wrong. But when the right time comes get the right inspiration investigate the WTS and its doctrines and leave quickly either physically or at least psychologically.

    In a crowd of JWs no one would listen out of fear that another dub present will nail them to the elders.

  • loathjw

    The reason you were upset is because after they responded "yes", you didn't follow-up by nodding and saying, "Ah, I could tell by the demonic auora surrounding your table".

    Hindsight is always 20/20.

  • beezknees

    i think its understandable people are angry about the organization, but i don't think this should be directed to jw's who have been just as decieved as any of us, at least we know the 'truth' now, to go up to them and start to tell them how wrong they are will just vindicate their beliefs in their eyes and entrench them furthur into the fact they are in the true religion. I think you have to get to the stage of questioning yourself, my sister went 'apostate' 11 years ago and i have only recently come to my own realization about the religion, any attempt for someone to tell me i was wrong would have just put my guard up, i think you have to arrive there yourself, i feel sad for my ex friends that are still there and would not want to pull them down as they are doing what they believe is right and will just see it as an attack on thier faith ..most of us gave our minds up at one time to the organization, anger should be directed to the organisation not individuals

  • sf
    One young woman had a very loud laugh and because of that I kept looking at their table.

    What was HER nationality?


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