WATCHTOWER MONEY - New contribution program!

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  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote


    Okay, I just checked at the official JW site - (first time I've been there - it is nauseating).

    I had to wade through and through a bunch of Jesus propaganda to get the date: April 12.

    I think those of us who live in metro areas or areas where there is more than 1 KH should go KH-hopping on April 12 and leave funny money donations at all of them.

    I wonder if I need to get a permit to leave anti-jw lit on people's cars?

  • DannyHaszard


    Free Watchtower Bumper stickers!

    Posters and Favorite Signs
    bendover3.jpg (77482 bytes)click on here for larger version
    (big printer size)
    poster1sm.jpg (56848 bytes)
    Bend over Jehovah!
    (no books from crooks)
    Justice Favors the Not Forgotten
    (click to enlarge for usable poster size)(click to enlarge for usable sign size)
    click the above for larger size, or download graphics file here for printing out as a bumper sticker

    APOSTATE POSTER BOY -------- The greatest sedition is silence-All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men/women to do nothing-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • stillAwitness
  • Deposit into JW contribution boxes. Make a statement to the Watchtower money collectors.
    Classic! I am so in! Gonna print these out tomorrow!
  • Anyone remember those past 2 "its caption time" threads. One was on the newest WT article on Angels and the other was on that awake magazine with the baby and mom on the cover. I need a good laugh.

  • DannyHaszard

    Its Convention time again the WBTS money page is still up at Danny Haszard website

    We think we fine tuned all the bugs out.

    Watchtower Money for protest and awareness

  • DannyHaszard


    Watchtower Money serves two purposes: to protest the policies of Jehovah's Witnesses and educate the public about the hidden side of the Watchtower Society.

    Consider this a sophisticated form of guerilla protest and awareness campaign. Each bill or check is designed to get the attention of the beholder and quickly provide information. This method is important when dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses who are programmed to reject anything that challenges their belief system.

    Watchtower Money is designed after USA currency and check styles. This is because Jehovah’s Witnesses are based in the USA and most financial contributions come from that country.

    Thank you for your participation!


    to open a PDF file that you can save or print.

    Watchtower Zero Dollar

    A general attention-getter loaded with occult and "non-Christian" images of the Watchtower Society's origins

    Select the Zero Dollar featuring the following web addresses: >go to website >go to website >go to website >go to website >go to website >go to website >go to website

    Sampler with each of the websites

    Child Abuse Check Download PDF

    Promotes awareness of Jehovah's Witnesses' failure to protect children from sexual predators due to the "two-witness rule".

    UN NGO Check Download PDF

    Exposes the Watchtower Society's membership as a NGO of the UN, otherwise known as the "wild beast" of Revelation according to JWs. and

    Blood Check Download PDF

    Highlights the confusing doctrine and misleading information about Jehovah's Witnesses' refusal of blood transfusions. and Google: Louderback-Wood (AP Press Release)

    Information Suppression Check Download PDF

    Decries the Watchtower legal attack of the "Quotes" website for cataloging "embarassing" quotes from the Societies own literature. and Jehovahs-Witness Discussion Forum

  • iknowall558

    Have just seen this and have been printing the cheques off all afternoon.......Im gonna have a busy week.

  • TheSheppard

    So you're targeting account servants?... lol, yeah that will bring the organization down.

    Proverbs 26:11:

    "Just like a dog returning to its vomit, the stupid one is repeating his foolishness"

  • Bangalore

    Does Danny no longer post here?


  • slimboyfat
    Does Danny no longer post here?

    What you missed that episode? He assaulted and old Witness at the door. Some people took his side, most on the forum didn't. He took off, wasn't banned I don't think, but he still comments on JW news stories all over the Net last I noticed. It was around the same time as the Trevor/Linda Gate scandal. Me, I should be a historian.

    I wonder what happened to Severus. Was he really in Scotland? And StillAWitness too for that matter.

  • Bangalore

    Thanks for the info,Slimboyfat. I think maybe he needs counselling. I have seen his commments on the JW news stories and blogs. He seems quite bitter.


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