Does Jehovah Witnesses have the worst teachings?.

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  • GodisRight

    I believe there are worst teachings out there, but the Jehovah Witnesses affects more lives and does way more damage than a normally small size cult could. GB has cult membership thats claims people by the millions. And certainly they false teachings would have led to more deaths than suicide cults.

    I personally was negatively affected by their teachings long after I stopped attending their meetings. I stopped going to their meetings in the late 90's, but it wasn't until late December 2004 that I discovered they had dirty secrets( false predictions and sex abuse) and false teachings(too many to count). And I have only accepted within the last couple of weeks that birthday parties are not bad. And its only now within the last several days that I am realizing that the WTBTS really is a cult!

    This message board has help me to see things more clearly. I think I am a better person because of it. I do think for showing me all of this.

  • OpenFireGlass

    personally, I think they are the worst at dealing with their children/youth....

  • GodisRight
    Offhand, I'd have to say that Scientology and Islam are worse than the Dubs

    The only thing I know about Scientology is that Tom Cruise is one of them. As for Islam, I get this nausiating feeling whenever I try reading their holy book -- the Koran. Its like I don't understand anything its saying even though its translated into English

    .I'm sure there's hundreds of religions that we simply aren't familiar with, that are alot worse than ours.........
    I hope not!!
  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    The sad thing is how many things out there are so much worse. The mormons and JWs are compared to each other all the time, but in my opinion there is a group that is much worse. I'll take the watchtower over dianetics any day, at least the watchtower makes a weak attempt to make logical sense.

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    A friend I used to work with was a mormom and their teachings were pretty far out! They did seem to have a good social life though and the religion was pragmatic about most secular subjects like education, careers etc.
    The JW's are more sinister imo. Their teachings aren't wacky on the face of it, in fact they're designed to be appealing, but beneath the surface they're controlling and devious.

    I haven't taken a count but I bet there are more web sites like this one to help ex-JW's than for any other denomination cos the JW lies and dogma impact on every part of your life.

  • DannyHaszard

    They'll take anybody's money. Classic 'bait and switch' ploys from the deceptive consumate con artists. The Watch Tower Corporation is a media publishing, real estate development, and convention sponsoring company and their literature all promotes the corporation and those goals. Jehovah's Witnesses are schooled in 'finding common ground',if you like pink elephants they will become experts on pink elephants. Note:all the other religions have the sense to promise you your reward AFTER you die [no one has come back and sued for breach of promise] . The Watchtower has promised millions of their investors the rapture in their lifetime. Yes,gimmie all your money cause you ain't gonna need it,for old age retirement. "That's the beauty of religion and superstition, it has no limits.Religion is the most profitable legal business because religions can misquote, misrepresent, and use unethical practices without fear of punishment. It's the absolute best way to scam people I have yet seen."Gary Buss

  • Spectre

    In the movie Malcolm X, Malcolm needed Islam(or the sect of it that he found) at the moment that he found it. Later he found out that his loyalties were misplaced in the "Honorable Elijah Mohammad". After his faith was shattered, he moved on. But it had "saved" him when he was in jail.

    I've thought that at times people find being a JW is what they needed at the time irregardless of whether it really being the "truth". I really don't think that way anymore. I don't see any good at all of someone naively following this cult.

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