The end

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  • cosmic

    I'm morbidly curious. How many of us really want to wake up tomorrow and read a headline, see a "breaking story" on CNN, that we know, without equivocation, means that the "end of this system of things" has started?

  • jwfacts

    I love life and have so much to catch up on now that I am free to live outside the cult. I would be most disappointed not to get a few more years before such a thing happened.
    If the 'end' really did arrive i still would not convert to being a JW. I am 100% confident that the WTS is wrong regardless of whether or not the end of the world is about to arrive. There is no way God is about to destroy all but a few self-absorbed worshippers.

  • Robdar

    Not I. When (if) the end comes, everybody will suffer. Are you so sure that the big J will overlook your naughtiness? When (if) it comes down, it ain't going to be pretty. Be careful of what you wish for.

  • Gretchen956

    It isn't going to happen, why play that what if game? You'll soon find this is just one more thing they lied to you about.


  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hey there, I think the 'end' or the time of end has already started. Yes, I am very excited for the day when the world recognizes that the Christ has arrived and is taking over rulership. It will be the time when all our sorrow and pain will end.

  • jgnat

    Now, buried in that fear of the future is the real message of living. Act like each day counts. Then you are free to leave with no regrets.

    When a disaster strikes, I hope my first thought is how I might help.

  • JH
    It will be the time when all our sorrow and pain will end.

    Well, he is coming with his army of angels to slaughter a couple of billion....Do you really know what side you'll be on?

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    JH...I don't believe that JW bunk... Lookie here at this scripture:

    Is. 11: 3b..."And he will not judge by any mere appearance of his eyes, nor reprove simply according to the thing heard by his ears. And with righteousness he must judge the lowly ones, and with uprightness he must give reproof in behalf of the meek ones of the earth. And he must strike the earth with the rod of his mouth; and with the spirit of his lips he will put the wicked one to death. And righteousness must prove to be the belt of his hips, and faithfulness the belt of his loins."

    Remember JH, His sword protrudes from his mouth. So it's going to be a war with words when he comes. And they will probably hang themselves somehow. I don't believe he, himself will kill anyone. After all, he's the 'prince of peace'. Some scriptures, I know talk about the dead..but it could be symbolic of being spiritually dead... And people have a thousand years to change..maybe most will be given a chance to change... JW's have it all wrong to me...

  • Chimene

    I would be scared to death, however, I would be relieved at the same time. The world is so cruel, it would be nice to know something better is waiting, but who knows.... I don't know what to believe anymore

  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip

    if the end comes,

    i hope i'm riding the

    blue bus with jim.


    jim morrison

    December 8, 1943 - July 3, 1971

    DOORS - The End

    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end

    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I'll never look into your eyes...again

    Can you picture what will be
    So limitless and free
    Desperately in need...of some...stranger's hand
    In a...desperate land

    Lost in a Roman...wilderness of pain
    And all the children are insane
    All the children are insane
    Waiting for the summer rain, yeah

    There's danger on the edge of town
    Ride the King's highway, baby
    Weird scenes inside the gold mine
    Ride the highway west, baby

    Ride the snake, ride the snake
    To the lake, the ancient lake, baby
    The snake is long, seven miles
    Ride the snake...he's old, and his skin is cold

    The west is the best
    The west is the best
    Get here, and we'll do the rest

    The blue bus is callin' us
    The blue bus is callin' us
    Driver, where you taken' us

    The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on
    He took a face from the ancient gallery
    And he walked on down the hall
    He went into the room where his sister lived, and...then he
    Paid a visit to his brother, and then he
    He walked on down the hall, and
    And he came to a door...and he looked inside
    Father, yes son, I want to kill you
    Mother...I want to...f**k you

    C'mon baby, take a chance with us
    C'mon baby, take a chance with us
    C'mon baby, take a chance with us
    And meet me at the back of the blue bus
    Doin' a blue rock
    On a blue bus
    Doin' a blue rock
    C'mon, yeah

    Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill

    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end

    It hurts to set you free
    But you'll never follow me
    The end of laughter and soft lies
    The end of nights we tried to die

    This is the end

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