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  • whyamihere

    I love it....feels soooo good.

    I know I am different, because I happen to like the pain.


  • Lo-ru-hamah


    I have never even heard of sugaring. I guess they don't do that around here either. Thank you for the advice on the tea tree oil.

    Completely off the subject. Why aren't you supposed to use tea tree oil while you are pregnant?


    I plan on paying someone else to do it. It is to difficult to pull the strips off myself. But, I agree, it is a bit masochistic.


  • rocketman

    I watched the 40 Year-Old Virgin last week on DVD. After watching that chest waxing, I figure it's not worth the pain, because I've contemplated getting some upper-body waxing done.

    LDH - you must be a porn star. And Brooke, since you're into pain, maybe you're a different kind of porn star. Whatever the case, I am now officially in love with both of you.

    ~ Moderately Hairy Class

  • Mary
    Brooke said: I love it....feels soooo good.

    Give me a break.........

  • whyamihere
    Brooke said: I love it....feels soooo good.

    Give me a break.........

    You obviously don't know me. Oh well.


  • damselfly

    I work with several estheticians who do a lot of waxing. Some won't get waxed at all because they find it too painful, others wax themselves all the time. As for their clients, some find waxing sooooo painful they never return. My friend had one client ( female ) get visably aroused by her bikini wax. The esthetician asked the front desk to never book her again! LOL!!


  • LDH

    Rocket man you crack me up.

    I'm not into pain. But 20 minutes of discomfort is offset immediately. Nothing like having someone help "sooth" the er, inflamed, er, area.

    My girlfriend (blond hair blue eyed German descent) told me years ago that it was just wrong wrong wrong. She said only men who were into pre-pubescent girls would find that 'arousing.' I disagreed, told her to just try it, leave a landing strip for 'style' points. About a year later she had a boyfriend who asked her to 'trim up,' (this kills me, LOL) and she tried it. It sent him over the edge. She called me to thank me.

    She dropped the boyfriend. Kept the esthetician. Savvy Salon in Clovis CA if anyone is interested.


    No pain, no gain, Class

  • LDH

    PS, men--style tip for you. It's ok to trim yerself, LOL.

    I knew a guy once who said if you cut down the underbrush, the tree looks bigger. LOL!

  • gumby

    I just put that "nair" stuff on my nutsack and it stays as nice and shiney as a cue-ball ....and there's hardly any a them there wrinkles and veins showin that look like a world map either.


  • La Capra
    La Capra

    For my last birthday, I'm treating myself to laser hair removal. I never did waxing, because I have a horrible problem with the bumps when the hair grows back. I figured that four to six treatments over four to six months was worth the cost (since it is supposed to be permanent).

    It does hurt. A lot. But one can apply an anesthetic cream to numb the areas before, if pain is an issue. It isn't for me, so I forewent the mess.

    After the first treatment, I was able to continue to shave (but only needed to do so about one fourth as frequently). I had my second treatment this week, and I think my underarms are done (it takes about two weeks to notice if the hair is really gone).

    But I definitely recommend it, and I can't wait until it's done. No shaving or waxing, ever again.


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