Are Circuit Overseers Getting Discouraged?

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  • metatron

    A sister I know went out with the C.O.'s wife in service recently. Sister C.O. offered that she is frequently depressed and cries privately.

    Meanwhile, her husband privately expresses dissatisfaction that so many rich brothers flaunt their wealth while preaching no college

    and theocratic poverty to others. Meanwhile, many of the elders I know seem as weak and worn out as the publishers they are supposed

    to lead. Surprizingly, many of these men are utterly dominated by their wives, to a degree that would seem unusual even in the 'world'.

    I also have to wonder if C.O.'s generally have to 'be nice' - because cracking the whip may motivate some to just quit - or deepen the

    do nothing pretense that widely prevails. Cutting the 'dead wood' only works if you have new growth to take its place and I don't see

    much of that. Get rid of that internet porn and video game and run the mikes and maybe we'll appoint you, brother!

    Their facade maintainence comes at an ever higher price, these days.


  • xjwms

    I hope so

  • SickofLies

    One can only hope, of course we call all do our best to help.

    How can you help discourage your CO?

    Can you spare $25? Why not write a check to your CO that will bounce. Got to much time? Write an anonymous letter about how elder so and so likes to molest little children. An abundance of sharp object lying around? Why not donate one to your CO's car tires. Got some counterfit bills your not using? Why not donate them anonymously to the CO and report him to the police. Got to much apostate litature lying around the house? Why not place a bunch in the CO's car while he is conducting the service meeting. Really into spy equipment, hidden cameras? Why not get some nude pictures of his wife and plant them in one of the local elders bags and then plance an anonymous letter in his case says the elder is having an afair with his wife. Part of any local gay rights movements? Why not stage a gay right rally outside the kingdom hall during his visit.

  • Balsam


    LOL you came up with some good ideas poor ole Circuit Overseer would have a nervous breakdown for sure. LOL

    Well I've been gone 5 years, and the C.O.'s wife were contantly sick with one thing or another and the last 4 years I was in both the C.O.'s wives missed more than 1/2 the meetings saying they were ill. Can you imagine how friggin depressing it is to hear the same old talks and discussions for 6 months at a time. Is it any wonder that the wives are sick all the time with the pressure to pioneer and travel with husband, no home just moving constantly.

    Some of the C.O.'s we had were really kind but about 1/4 or those men were totally mean and demeaning to the followers. I remember one Brother Bennett dying and I thought I hope that ole butt hole died a hard mean death he was so cruel. He put the publishers down constantly and all the talks he gave for 2 years was how inferior all the rank and file were. He was some old fart. His wife never spoke, poor woman looked like a beaten old soul.


  • luna2

    I can't imagine living that kind of life. Do most of them have apartments now or are they still having to bed down as guests with the congregations?

  • DannyHaszard
    many of these men are utterly dominated by their wives, to a degree that would seem unusual even in the 'world'

    I love women,have a feminist mate and we get along perfect.None-the -less there are a whole lotta rotten relation-shits in the 'new world $ociety' i mean in my last hall Rockland Massachusetts i would hear and see things about how the men were 'p***y whipped' badly.

  • Honesty

    Two C.O.'s and their wives became really good friends with the ex and myself. I feel really sorry for them all because the brothers both mentioned on several occassions how nice it would be to have a permanent place to call home for their wives. Too bad the ex never heard them because she was always harping on how nice other brother's homes in our cong. were (we had to "make do" with around 2100 s.f. while those "theocratic" brothers owned homes exceeding 3500 s.f.). The sisters always had a wistful smile when they visited and ate some of the ex's excellent 'old country' Eastern European cuisine.

    They were discouraged ten years ago. I can't help but wonder how they're doing now that the year 2000 has passed and still no Paradise. Hopefully, they've come to their senses and escaped the destructive cult of Lies.

  • seawolf

    The C.O is here starting Monday and I'll have to see what information I hear! wow....Joe Hoba is blessing me by having this thread here. Surely this is the "food at the proper time" that I hear so much about!

  • MissBehave

    I remember our CO and wife staying in their RV in the parking lot of the KH. And she would be "sick" and stay in the RV, but you could see the TV flashing through the camper mini-blinds. We all knew it was really because she didn't want to miss Falcon Crest.

  • anewme

    I'm sorry when I hear of anyone sick and depressed in the JW religion, but unfortunately this is the path they must take to freedom. It is the road we all must follow to be free to worship the true god from our own hearts like we should be doing without an organization to tell us what to do or how to do it or when to do it.

    When the Watchtower Organization crumbles and falls it will not be the end of Jehovah or his majesty or the end of true worship on the earth. It will be something wonderful when all those good people stop giving so much devotion to an org and instead give that love to their families and their communities and to the world. It will be a wonderful day!

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