when is the truth not the truth

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  • Jake99


    The truth is not a lie when you prove it be the Way. So the truth is not the truth except as demonstrated by the Christ. Look the world over and there is no perfect government. And yet that is what the truth the light and the way brings with him.You will know them by their works pertains to the trails left in the wakes of the Christ and the anti Christ. Do not be so sure that the war between God, the Savior, the anti Christ and Satan are not in process. The war has played out in many court rooms, churches, businesses and other places of high interest over the last 6.5 years. The JW's as are all religions are correct about many things but they are not the way. Only the man who demonstrates the way and is challenged by the government as the Messiah is the Way.

    The truth is not the truth when you follow anyone else but Christ. Only the messiah can repair this planet and make it right.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Beezknees,

    Welcome to the forum!! I appreciated your comments on truth! What is truth now will be truth to time indefinate!! Truth DOES NOT change or it NEVER was truth to begin with! More and more friends are "waking up to the fact that the "truth " as they have come to know is it, is not truth at all!! Again.. WELCOME!!


    Lady Liberty

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