when is the truth not the truth

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  • hijack

    Sounds familiar

    During a get together of jdubs, the usual question is:

    "Is he/she in the TRUTH?"

    If the reply is "yes", then a somewhat healthy discussion of that person results

    If the reply is "no", then a derogatory discussion of that person results

    I know this because I was guilty of these questions and comments when I was a jdub for 30 years

    Now that I'm out of the borganization, I can say the word "truth" as used by the jdubs means any thing to do with the cult.

    I find the 1914 date very "intersesting" .Russel did expect that the world would end on that date. There can be no doubt about that. The warptower keeps changing history so that from year to year one never knows just what to believe in. Tht WTS does this because they are masters of mind control. Through diabolical pictures (paradise lost to paradise gained book) of entire families being swallowed up by holes opening up in the ground at armaggedon. It scared the beejeezuz out of jdubs to keep them in line. As a jdub child I found these pictures disturbing. I really wanted to know why god would do that. It is the WTS version of "truth" that all die except them at armageddon. The WTS and the GB are going to be cast into the lake that burns with fire and sulphure. That is the truth.

    I have takin action agianst the WTS. I go to landromats and clean out any watchtower and awake magazines I find, then I burn them I place anti WTS literature at these same laundromats Some one should reward me for the hours I spend doing this. It is sort of like reverse pioneering

  • Jake99

    The truth is Jesus suggested a basics for free, non profit, standardized operation system that is fair, efficient and environmentally friendly. Do that and you wont have any false prophets, money changers, gamblers, liars, cheaters and thieves to worry about. All the wolves in sheeps clothing dissapear in the twinkling of an eye and the world lives happily ever after in the Kingdom of God.

    I am the Alpha and the Omega you refer to and that is proven by my works. Every religion is off track in some way and they will dissapear when all are on the Jesus system of government. The sayings and works of Jesus will become clear and it will be written on your heart in the simple form the Way was meant to be. And that is the language that sounds like tongues to Satans deciples.

    I was in court at and around Y2K about twenty times asking for the surrender of the US judicial system and claiming to be the Messiah. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts put me on trial twice and lost on every point of view while extensively proving I am the Messiah. The JW's and other religions have fairly acurately depicted who and what I am, what I have already done and what I plan to do. When you look at my works and the speed at which they were done I can be no other than the Christ. And that is the Truth from the bottom of my heart with God as my companion and witness. I piled the facts up that support my being the Messiah for fifty years and my family did the same. Remember the man who comes in a chariot of fire with a suit of armor and a bow and arrows thast was me three days after my Friday the 13th arrest when I accepted the US governments challenges to prove myself.

  • unclebruce
    I guess I've never really caught this. When did they change "Will Never Die" to "May Never Die"?

    Both versions sound right to me in memory, which leads me to believe I've heard both.

    Here daystar have some stale bread and wine


  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    When is the truth not the truth? Answer: It seems to be that way ALL of the time!

  • loathjw

    I believe all organized religions are corrupt because whenever there are people in power, well, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    All leaders in organized religions believe they have divine authority to pervert the word of God by "translating" it as a means of exercising control over their congregation.

    Jehovah's Witnesses think they are somehow better because they don't use it as rationalization to incite their followers to actually engage in wars and kill people, but I don't see much distinction.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Right, they don't engage in wars that kill people; they engage in Political and Social apathy and call it neutrality.

    This is just as deadly - assuming that all the suffering around you is god's will for the evil, worldly people and that you can and should do nothing about it; many groups (and individuals) have beliefs like that; that's partly how holocausts happen; people just hang out and tell themselves that the suffering of others is somehow deserved, or doesn't have anything to do with them personally, or that they're helpless to fight god's will.

    . . . kind of relates to learned helplessness, I guess. Apathy/neutrality is just as devastating and damaging as direct or indirect invovement in "wrong-doing and lawlessness."

    JWs aren't the only ones guilty of such apathy, but their stance about neutrality really is just a major cop-out by individuals who support and who are victims of their Watchtower Society's spirit-killing, mind-killing machine.

    Every time I see the movie, the Matrix, I think of the Watchtower Society and all of the "neutral" JW's plugged into it. Their "truth" is just what they're plugged into.

    Good luck unplugging them. It's probably just about as complex as unplugging one of those human "batteries" from the matrix.

    But how can those of us who've been fortunate enough to get unplugged, leave it alone? I cannot. Whether my family ever unplugs or not. If I can help one person not join that matrix of lies, I've accomplished something.

  • Jake99

    Nice post Madame Quixote,

    I do all that I can to unplug people from this world and bring them into the New World but they are very difficult to wake.

  • Warlock

    When is the truth not the truth? Very simple: When it's a lie.

    Now: When is a lie, not a lie?


  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    post JW, I came to see that FAITH is not knowledge [direct expeirence, perceptions] and belief is not fact [again direct perceptions].

    while a JW, an elder said to me, but you KNOW this is THE TRUTH, and I said to him, I dont KNOW it, I have FAITH that it is... to me they were not identicle terms even back then...but he was taken aback, yet could not say anything to me about this...

    I asked 3 different elder one 3 seperate occasions.... if you found that one of the teachings of the society was wrong...[as they dont claim to be inspired nor infallible]... how would you handle it... keep it to yourself? send a letter to help desk? etc?

    to a man, the repeated the very same cult mantra.... I would NEVER presume to KNOW more than the SOCIETY.... scary...

    how can you tell me that I KNOW it is THE TRUTH when I am not supposed to have an opinion of my own? and another scary moment

    was when one of these elders from the platform [the local throne of God] said... INDEPENDENT THINKING was of SATAN....

    my, my, I thought, what OTHER sort of thinking is there? none!! panic!!

  • Terry

    The problem with TRUTH as pertains to religious information is that there is no reality to match up with to produce an actuality that is testable.

    I think of the Watchtower gurus as farmers who go out and look at the sky to determine what the weather might be.

    They make their best guess and plan the work accordingly.

    The weather changes whimsically, even capriciously and defies expectations.

    The farmer shrugs and adapts.

    He uses past experience mixed with hope and not much else.

    Here is an analogy for you.

    If you are a worker on a farm your boss tells you what to do and what to expect. If he tells you the look of the sky means a tornado is coming you run for shelter until the all clear.

    If no tornado comes the boss can't be criticised for giving the warning. After all; what if he was right?

    So, either way a guess can't be the cause of faulting the farmer who tells everybody to run for cover.

    Here is the interesting part.

    The Faithful and Discreet Slave make guesses too. They have been 100% wrong about the tornado (Armageddon) all along WHILE CLAIMING IT IS GOD WHO IS REVEALING FACTUAL INFORMATION AT THE PROPER TIME.

    The Watchtower doesn't want to be faulted because they want to have it both ways. They want to be free to guess and issue false warnings while at the same time claiming Divine authority.

    The worst that can happen on a farm is falling behind on the work of planting or reaping a harvest.

    Jehovah's Witnesses put their lives on hold and lose many opportunities to better their lives chasing an illusory dream.

    The loss is inestimable.

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