If you claim a divine miracle in your life, you will be disfellowshipped!!!

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  • RubaDub

    I certainly wouldn't suggest "Thank God I was carrying my lucky songbook at the time" or anything like that.

    Rub a Dub

  • Balsam

    I have moved back and forth from being a skeptic to believing in small miracles over the past 5 years since leaving the JW mentality. The thing is I was unhappy being the skeptic about everything small and miracle like. I think we have to reach for happier view points even if we are viewed by the skeptics as nutty. I've lived both sides of the coin and believing that miracles happen and can happen to you feels so good.

    I knew this one JW woman who saw every good event in her JW life as a miracle, and listening to her one would have to agree she had some very amazing things happen sometimes. But even when she drove through a read light because she was talking too much and was missed by a very large 18 wheeler she called that a miracle. I had to tell her that was no miracle that was just stupid. The Elders never bothered her about her perception of Angels being with her and her little miracles. But they thought she was a shade nutty, and all of us agreed. But you know she was always gloriously happy with her life something most of us were not. So who was right her or us?


  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hello, You are soooooo right.. I think the reason is because they want all the power to be our MEDIATOR between God and man. 1st because they are 'anointed' and second because they are the 'governing body' and 3rd because any contact from the spirit world is demons. I've had spiritual experiences...a close friend leaked it to the elders and the one interagated me for an hour. Then the other elders decided to let me be. Probably cast me off as a bit crazy.. I know the scriptures they use and they don't really say that all spiritual experiences would be demons.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    I experienced the miracle of my life in 1992 when the Spirit of Christ visited me in the hospital. I was dying of massive abdominal peritonitis and later found out the chances of survival were 2%. I was in pretty bad shape. On the last night that I would have made it (I was losing the fight for life and every breath was torture), on that night I was visited by Christ in the Spirit. The visit changed and saved my life. I had up to that night been living under the dark cloud of Watchtower indoctrination. Thus began my personal relationship with Jesus.

    My JWs "sisters" witnessed the transformation as they had visited me the day before, and had come to see if I was still alive the next day and say their good-byes if I was. I told them what happened. It did not take long before they started shunning me. The visitation was followed with a medical miracle. The machine I was hooked up to via a GI tube was an aspirator and had been found to be malfunctioning that next morning. It took four hours to aspirate the contents of my stomach which was full of blood and mucous. I had been drowning in my own bodily fluids. My week long paralyzed bowels started making sounds They started working right before they had planned to install the colostomy bag if I lived. The week long fever broke. It was incredible. I was lost, then found, blind then I could see, just like the song.

    I don't really care if anyone believes me or not just please respect me enough to not tell me I am crazy or healed myself. This is just one of the miracles Jesus did for me. I have another that I have scanned the hospital records into my computer. If anyone wants to see them pm me where to send them and I will. I was pregnant with my third son. I knew before hand God was going to give me my last child. I started having complication, many complications and the doctor advised me to abort. It turned out my womb was full of undiagnosed fibroid tumors, I had undiagnosed genetic blood disease, ovarian cysts and endometriosis.

    My son had attached himself to one of the tumors and what that meant is he would not get the blood supply, I would probably spontaneously miscarry ripping the tumor from the uterus wall, and they probably would not be able to save me, I would bleed out. My then husband was freaked, and was afraid he would lose me and or have a crippled deformed child. I prayed, I heard the voice of God (NO not audibly but deep inside my spirit) and I knew that my son would live.

    My son is 17, extremely gifted, and a true blessing of faith. Whenever he thinks too little of himself I show him the medical records and remind him he is a miracle. My precious living miracle! My experience changed my life in that I knew for Christ to be my Mediator, I had to have a relationship with Him, that means talking! I asked my "sisters" why if we talked to Jesus when He was here with us, talked to Him after He rose from the dead, talked to Him after He ascended into heaven (Saul/Paul) when did it become illegal to talk to Jesus?

    Well, they were going to get back to me and never did. I really loved them so much.

  • osmosis

    Apostate Kate: I'm just wondering why you think you were chosen to receive this miracle, when so many others get the poopy end of the stick. Surely some of them deserved a miracle as much as you?

  • osmosis

    Balsam: I totally hear what you're saying, I've tripped over the whole "happiness" issue myself. I can't help but ask what seems to me a very basic and important question:

    What if it's not real?

    I guess I just don't understand belief or faith. How can it feel good if it's not real or not true. Doesn't that matter? Isn't that just intellectually lazy?

    And if it doesn't matter if it's real or not, why not just withdraw completely into a total fantasy world? Why not go right off the deep end to a place from which there is no return?

    I just don't get the subtleties of why some things get scrutinized rationally while some things don't.

  • M.J.

    Apostate Kate,

    Thanks for sharing that! It was beautiful.

  • I-CH-TH-U-S

    osmosis - call me a liar...thats your call....but i see the guy at church every sunday that he is able to make it

    its not some random story...its a testimony of his healing at the hand of God.

    my own personal experiance - was born with a hole in my heart (small compared to average babys born with holes in their hearts). church prayed. MIRACLE. the hole is gone. (if you would like to look into in yourself PM me and i will give you some names where you can look into it yourself)

  • wednesday

    thank you Kate for your story. i can't answer the question as to why you were chosen to survive and others die. Your story was inspiring to me. thank you. I myself was once a recipent of God's help. I called out for help and was given relief from my suffering at that time. I was not healed, as I have a chronic illness, but the relief was very hlepful and powerful indeed. I do bellieve God hears prayers of all honest hearted people.

  • Golf

    Oh, you mean like winning the lottery of hundreds of millions of $$$$$ and donating some of that money to the org?


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