Last king of the north - Russia

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  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    I remember in our cong around '91 when the first Iraq war was starting there was a hell of a lot of specualtion about it being the new King of the North. I don't think it came from the WTS but a CO did mention it in one of his talks which is what started the rumour off. Everyone thought it was fitting that it was the original location of Babylon.

  • TheListener

    Yes, I've heard various definitions for the new KOTN. Russian Federation, China, Korea, Iraq, Iran, Canada (hehehe), and the current speculation is Islam. I'm not sure how Islam, a religion, fits but perhaps they mean the Islamic countries acting together will form some sort of empire or confederation and become the KOTN.

    Anyway just a few weeks ago a friend said she thought it was Iran.

    Grasping at straws.

  • Finally-Free

    I heard a few speculations about Iraq being the new KOTN, and one person suggested it might be the UN. I also noticed that no one ever voiced their speculations if someone else was present - just one on one. They must be keeping the 2 witness rule in mind.


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Ok My mistake about Germany being the KOTN. It came from an apostate site that I read

    That'll teach me

  • lost_light06

    Throughout history there has never been a time when one nation ruled absolutely. There have always been opposing nations willing to take arms against the predominant empire. This will continue to be the case as time goes on. That being the case, there is an endlist supply of Kings of the North and Kings of the South.

  • unclebruce

    I thought the society was letting this nonsense fade.

    In the early 80's I remember Daniel 11:9 being applied specifically to the Union movement (king of the North's fifth columnists don't ya know). I wish I wasn't partially colour-blind or I might remember the book we were studying at the time...Thousand years near at hand? Lime green - Then they will know I am Jehovah?

    And he will actually come into the kingdom of the king of the south and go back to his own soil." Daniel 11:9

  • DannyHaszard

    Born JW 1957 i was drilled and grilled that the meeting in private home book studies was set up for us to learn 'Jehovah stealth' for the dramatic final attack of gog of magog aka the "king of the north (now defunct soviet union). The things that turned me away: (A) LYING pathological psychopathic lying first by my intimate associates, family,Cong members,bold face - bald face lying about everything, real conniving sleaze back stabbing through and through (B) 1914 zero hour for everything straight from William miller ( JWs "R mutated millerites") (C) king of the north dissolves (and the WT in 1995 Say's soviet union will re-surge ) Hello! The poor Russian folks can barely feed themselves (D) Russell and pyramids (E) paradox of preaching all the exposure door to door yet hardly anybody knows their basic tenets.

    Hypocrite Jehovah Witness Join United Nations,is Like Learning the Pope Secretly Supports Abortion.

    Watch Tower Society was an official UN Non Government Organization supporting the objectives of the UN Thousands of meetings, talks,commentary on the King of the North ,gog of magog,image of the beast the whole enchilada etc. Gog of Magog turns out to be Mr.Magoo
  • M.J.

    I'm in the middle of looking at a multiple-part series called "Demon Rule Ending" from the Watchtower Magazine starting in the September 1 issue of 1941. This series goes into EXCRUCIATING detail about how the "King of the North" is the Axis powers aided by the Catholic heirarchy. So far I'm skimming through part 6 ..

    Here's a tiny sample:

    The Watchtower, Dec 1, 1941, p. 358:

    "With chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships." That prophetic description well fits the motorized armies of the Nazi-Fascist-Hierarchy combine. The historical Trojan horse is described by the public press as the "fifth column" of the Nazis. That part of the prophecy concerning the "ships" clearly finds fulfillment in the many sea raiders, submarines and numerous airships employed by Germany. More than a thousand of such airships assaulted Britain in one day. The Nazis claim to be building and launching 3,500 airships or planes each month, many of which are equipped with cannon and rapidfiring machine guns.

    or, how about (p. 360):

    "He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries; and the land of Egypt shall not escape." (Dan. 11 : 42) Those words of the prophecy, "stretch forth his hand," mean that "the king of the north" will send forth his "hand", or power or violent aggression, against other countries. This he has done by means of radio and other means of propaganda, such as printed matter, and the "fifth column" agents planted in many of the countries of "the king of the south", also by his tremendous fleet of airplanes.

    The Oct 1, 1941 issue on p. 295 mentions:

    The indisputable facts so fully and completely support and fit the prophecy that there can be no doubt about the proper identification of "the king of the north" and also about the forsakers of the covenant. After the ’forsakers of the covenant’, meaning the "man of sin" (the Roman Catholic Hierarchy in particular), and the political element of "the king of the north" had entered into the arrangement above mentioned, a movement went forward for totalitarian rule or domination of the world, in which the political- religious Roman Catholic Hierarchy has at all times played a very active part. All of the activities of that "king of the north" combination have been and are against THE THEOCRACY.

    Get a load of page 360:

    ...the prophecy does not disclose which one of these "kings" shall be victorious in the present war, but the opinion is here expressed that neither one will have a complete victory. The end of the war will come about in a manner somewhat different from what worldly prognosticators say. What this part of the prophecy does appear to mean is that, before the "END", within the meaning of the prophecy, all the nations, including those forming "the king of the south" will take on or become dictatorial governments, which these nations will believe is necessary in order to fight the peril of the totalitarian king of the north.

    And now, in the closing days of 1941, what are the facts relating to this part of the prophecy? The British Commonwealth of Nations, and the United States, and other countries forming" the king of the south" have ceased to be democracies, that is, governments of the people, by the people, and for the people. In each one of these nations all power is placed in the hands of a few, and the prime minister and the president are for all intents and purposes dictators even at the present time.

    Dec. 15, p. 372: (another false WTS prophecy I never heard of)

    All nations forming "the king of the south" become arbitrary and totalitarian; and the facts show that that is now practically accomplished. All these nations becoming totalitarian, the liberties of the people completely disappear, and the people are regimented and controlled in all matters. The nations composing "the king of the south" manifestly have reasoned that they must adopt the totalitarian system in order to successfully fight against the "Axis powers". All admit that regardless of the result of the present war the nations will never return to the former method of rule. Thus it will be seen that Satan accomplishes his purpose to drive all nations into the dictatorial camp.

    Nov 1, 1941, p. 328-329:

    There is but one sure way to determine the degree of progress and legitimate end of "the king of the north" and of "the king of the south", and that sure way is Jehovah’s sure Word of prophecy, now in progress of fulfillment. Bearing upon this particular point, note that the prophecy says concerning "the king of the north": as "And shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished."
    Whose indignation? Jehovah’s indignation, which will be expressed at the battle of Armageddon....Beginning with the Roman Catholic Hierarchy element, Jehovah’s indignation will be violently expressed at Armageddon in the complete overthrow of "the king of the north". That will mark the beginning of the great world trouble, which Jesus Christ describes in these words: "Great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be." (Matt. 24:21) That means the final end of all of Satan’s organization....

    More to come...

  • flyphisher
    Yes, I've heard various definitions for the new KOTN. Russian Federation, China, Korea, Iraq, Iran, Canada (hehehe), and the current speculation is Islam. I'm not sure how Islam, a religion, fits but perhaps they mean the Islamic countries acting together will form some sort of empire or confederation and become the KOTN. Anyway just a few weeks ago a friend said she thought it was Iran.

    Forget all these speculations....the new KOTN is definitely the United States plus allied countries. Between 1991 and 2001(9/11 !!), the KOTN has changed from Soviet Union to USA. Extreme military power and "Patriot Act Laws" gave the USA a structure typical for totalitaristic regimes - such as "kings of the north". Islam is a religion, but no world power in the sense of a "political imperium".

  • DannyHaszard

    ARMENIA putting JW's UNDER FIRE today's update on how the Watchtower cult is holding up in the former 'king of the north' domain

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