I have posted his ?'s, he would like your opinion on them

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  • Chimene

    Your probably right undercover, but hope it works for him. Or at least, wake up his wife a little bit. She has been inactive, and just started a study again. I told him to catch her while she is "spiritualy weak" and do it fast, because they are working on her fast!

  • M.J.

    He doesn't need to have all this pressure put on him. He ought to tell his wife that this is a very in-depth subject and he wants to examine it carefully. One sitting with an elder is not going to resolve the matter for himself or ANYONE.

    He might not like this idea but if he's serious about this I reccommend he suggests meeting with this guy say once a week to learn about the JWs...essentially becoming a "study". To take the pressure off, he can request that it be a one-on-one discussion without his wife or anyone else present.

    I'm currently doing this exact same thing myself. What it has accomplished is this:

    • I have more respect from my wife as being fair and open-minded, putting the ball in her court to do the same.
    • She doesn't feel the need to proselytize to me anymore, since I'm getting the "best" info directly from this superdub.
    • It really allows me to know much more about the JWs...and knowledge is power. You can learn so much here on this board but there is so much you miss by not discussing things with a JW directly.
    • This guy is my "tackling dummy". I have gotten really good at discussing things with JWs and making them think about things without pissing them off. I can apply what I learn to where it counts--talking to my wife. It's really important to know where a JW is coming from.
    • It allows you have credibility that you know something about scripture, since you discuss such matters with this guy all the time
    • You can PLAN and prepare your strategic questions for each discussion...while maintaining good rapport with the guy. This gives you an avenue to discuss the results of your discussion with your wife.

    It takes much effort, but in the long run I highly reccommend it. I know from experience that you can't go for the knockout blow at any one sitting and expect to accomplish anything.

  • Chimene

    Wow M.J., you must REALLY love your wife, you sound like a good man

  • Chimene


  • rebel8

    Brochure: Do Origins Matter?

    Brochure: The Watchtower-United Nations Scandal--Why is it important?

    Brochure: Have JWs Ever Made False Prophecies?

    Brochure: Are JWs Loving?

    Brochure: Are JWs Rational?

    All brochures are free and downloadable by clicking on the links. Obviously he won't want to bring the actual brochures to his meeting ("apostate literature")....but the contents could be helpful.

  • carla

    If he has to go to a meeting with elders would she be willing to go to a meeting with someone of his choosing? Maybe a minister, cult expert or the like?

  • Chimene

    He had a conversation with her something to that affect, and the answer was basically JW only, nothing else

  • Chimene

    This is his answer to your question Carla:

    I can tell you her answer would vary from day to day! Most likely she would meet a pastor, but I am not so sure about a cult expert, but could never be sure, especially if she is fully convinced there is nothing cultic about the jws.

  • greendawn

    The 1914 generation, they messed up ppl's lives over a whole generation with the idea that the end is near (no children or even marriage, no university education, do plenty of preaching so as not to blood guilty, all because the end is near) and then in 1995 all that proves to be pointless with the new generation definition now the end may be centuries away. New light, but the old light messed up many lives, where are the apologies?

  • jgnat

    MJ is right on the money. If I were in that man's shoes, my first question to the elder is what authority he has over my life? And, like MJ said, make a personal statement of faith. We all speak best when it's from our heart.

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