My account of a trip to the 1969 District Assembly

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  • Virgochik

    My aunt and uncle traveled from the midwestern US to a faraway assembly for their big summer vacation. They were going to a foreign country! So exciting, to a child. Would they bring me a souvenir? They attended the 1969 summer assembly in Vancouver, Canada and were fawned over by everyone from the Hall.

  • Kudra

    I love all these narrative accounts of stuff... Bethel, assemblies.
    You guys are great writers - and funny to boot!


    Change WONTON women to WANTON women- (were these gals made out of chinese food appetizers or something?!?)

    Change FUDGECYCLE to FUDGESICLE, like popsicle (you weren't riding this thing around like a big wheel, were you?)

    This is great - more please!

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    I really enjoyed reading that Runningman, thanks for the chuckles

    I liked the mahogany plank bit of the story. That made me laugh cos I had some relatives who were missionaries and they didn't understand kids at all and used to bring back assembly pens or kingdom ministry holders from honduras (what I really wanted was a shrunken head or a blow dart with deadly arrow frog poison). Nothing they brought could compete with a mahogany plank though!

    All the best with the book. I hope you'll give us a peek at some more stuff you've written.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I was at the 1969 Vancouver convention. Reading what you wrote brings back memories. As a matter of fact we had a JW family stay at our house that was from Saskatchewan. I remember the sister that was killed by the amusement park train. Also I recall how we watched the moon landing after coming home from the last day of the convention, July 20.


  • toreador

    I was there too but a young pup at the time of about 10. I dont remember all that much except going on the roller coaster.


  • outoftheorg

    I remember going to that 1969 convention. We drove all the way from San Diego and got there good and tired.

    It was raining, on the first day I think and the traffic was heavy. We went up in the stadium and couldn't find seats. I recall one lady glaring at us for trying.

    The whole thing pissed me off, which was really easy at that time in my life . Much to my now ex wife's dislike and fussing, I turned around, went back to California and we camped out there.

    Our next venture into a Canadian convention was in 1978 and once again lots of rain and it was held in a huge room with a thick curtain like division from another big room with a band playing loud music. All I could hear was the damned drum beat. I stayed for about two hours and then went back, hooked up the camp trailer and headed home to Wyoming for my new job and house.

    This was after I resigned the Elder position and the jw's that knew me were either confused about me or disliked me and I returned their actions to them.



  • tetrapod.sapien


    Later that day, we arrived in the great city. Now, there are very few things more appealing to an 8 year old than 96 hours of religious lectures, but excitement can be found anywhere.

    summer of '69!! FREE LOVE!!! PEACE! HAIR!!! jimi's star spangeled banner! HARE KRISHNA!! OMG:

    The play is then lip-synced by a group of carpet layers and window washers in bed sheets and glue-on beards who are so far away that they could only indicate who is speaking by frantically waving their arms.

    BWA HA HA HA!!


  • unclebruce

    BRILLIANT Runningman! ROTFL

    Full of insane truth - I'm five years older but we lived lives in parallel. From travelling across the continent in a packed car on religious vacation to strange gifts from visiting mighty ones. (I'm real jealous of that mahogany plank!

  • seeitallclearlynow
    I believe that classifying this as the high point says something about how desperate we were for a break in the monotony.


    Oh wow; so many years of this! Oh well, could have been worse! Could have been in prison or something. Lol.

  • observador

    very very good story! I love these accounts that bring back memories.
    You see? I was thinking... this could be the way to go about awakening some JWs: showing the foolishness of those assemblies/conventions, the time wasted, the money ill spent, etc. etc. without touching any JW doctrine... humn, just thinking...

    You're a clever writer, RunningMan. More, please!


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