If Jesus did not forgive a repenting satan, would He be a hypocrite?

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  • unclebruce
    This means that along with The Devil, forgiveness can not be granted to elves, pixies,fairies, goblins or myself.

    Or cartoon charactors or imaginary friends or those of the 144,000™ once sealed and incorruptable™. The doctrine of the incorruptability of 'the heavenly class'™ has always puzzled me. I don't see how any free thinking creature could guarantee that it wouldn't one day change it's mind about 'serving Jehovah™ Eternity is a long time and I was bored witless two years after baptism™.

    We were taught that if one of the 144,000 were to ever rebel, they would be instantly zapped into non-existance by Gods Holy Spite Spirit™. Would that leave an opening for someone down here? If this became a trend, over zillions of years, the final figure of those twinkled to heaven could be more like mmm... 6,000,000,000? Perhaps this is part of Jehovah's purpose™ and we will end up with 77,000 at jesus side and 77,000 refusing to leave paradise earth ..lol

    ..'scuse the mad ramble..

  • LittleToe

    I can't believe noone is biting, on that joke. It's hilarious!

  • unclebruce

    Dear Christopher, Religion is a joke and you sound like someone who doesn't get it.

    In my very humble opinion (of course).

  • LittleToe


    you also need to stop presenting your own personal opinions as facts,
    You may accidently mislead someone you know. IMO

    Being as we are not God...We have opinions...He has the truth.

    Just be careful about that pot and kettle thing, bro

    Edited to add that some days I hate the shyte formatting glitches around here

  • DannyHaszard

    Sincere imperfect wrongdoer vs the pathological predatory psychopath Satan is a psychopath and like his human counterparts they are not amendable to treatment it's something pathological with them it's the way they are wired they cannot change. The running theme of my personal counter-cult website is on the topic of the psychopath, i made sure that these were my first pages to go up explore my links. www.dannyhaszard.com I have had lots of exposure to the predatory psychopaths (no conscience,amoral,don't learn from their mistakes) my JW elder dad and my maternal JW grandmother were both psychopaths. Don't confuse psychotic (a organic mental illness) with a psychopath (an adverse moral judgment) they are apples and oranges. Why are there so many psychopaths among Jehovah's Witnesses?I watched my loving grandmother turn into a lying conniving JW monster and i believe it was the constant enabling of the double life of cognitive dissonance that turned her. I have often thought that the final judgment by God will be simple good vs evil is just another description of sincere vs psychopath God knows because he can read minds and the conviction of our hearts.-Danny Haszard

  • diamondblue1974
    you also need to stop presenting your own personal opinions as facts, You may accidently mislead someone you know.

    Typical dub reasoning!

    Oh I tell you what....'I wont express an opinion because I might mislead someone'....do you realise how daft this sounds?


  • GodisRight
    you guys sure know alot about satan. ; Do you know him? ; How do you know his intentions? ; Are you God? ; How can you judge someone you don't even know. ; Guess you would have judged Paul as condemned too. ; Good thing Stephen didn't while he was being stoned.

    There is a serious flaw in your argument here.

    What I don't understand is how can you compare Satan to man? Look harder at that scripture you are reffering to. Stephen ask Jesus to forgive them because they did not know any better. The people who stoned Stephen believe they were doing God's will. They killed Stephen due to their ignorance.

    If a mentally stable 40 year old man killed someone you care about, should the justice system allow him to go free? I mean after all if the crime was committed by a 5 year old boy he would not be punished by the criminal justice system right? Is therefore the justice system hypocritical?

    I think the lessonwe need to learn is...to spend a little more time taking up for each other and defending one another, rather than judging and condemning people/angels who you have no way of knowing their hearts and intentions. ; Time to quit playing God. ; IMO

    you also need to stop presenting your own personal opinions as facts, You may accidently mislead someone you know. ; IMO ;

    Being as we are not God...We have opinions...He has the truth. ;

    I don't understand where you are coming from. If you believe what the bibe says then you should know he will not be forgivien. However, if you don't believe that the bible is God's book then your arguement is mute issue. I say satan will not be forgivin because he is destroyed in the lake that burns with fire. So it is not my own judgement I am rendering here, but that of God! If men who sin against the Holy Spirirt are not forgiven, then when shall Satan make a stand?

    In answer to the topical question, Jesus is not a hypocrite if he doesn't forgive Satan.

  • unclebruce

    Careful now db,

    We don't wanna go stumbling™ these blokes into the truth about the truth!™

    let 'em suffer class, unc

  • mdb

    The evil one has already been condemned and his time is short. Why do you debate about something that cannot happen and in the process label God a hypocrite - bringing accusations against the Holy One and dishonoring His name? You only bring condemnation on yourself, putting yourself in the same position as the devil.

    The real problem is in the question. Jesus has no worry of forgiving a repentant satan, because when satan rose up against God, he was sentenced and cast out of heaven. Even now satan is serving his time. It is too late for the devil, just as when men are brought before the judgement seat of God, it will be too late for those who did not put their trust in Jesus. At that time, men will have no opportunity for repentance. They will have had their time in this life to have either chose to follow Christ Jesus, or deny Him. Those who deny the Son of God also deny the Father and will share the fate of the devil and all the fallen angels, being cast into the lake of fire where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth forever and ever. I know you do not want to hear about hellfire, but it's the truth.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Ehhhhh wrong religion mate.

    Actually its not down to Jesus to forgive anyone, Jehovah's the only one that does the forgiving around here in dub land.

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