Welcome scorchio

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  • daystar

    Doobie-doobie-dooooo... I guess I've missed the fun.

  • Chimene
    He's like your little Tasmanian Devil avatar....just an angry little cartoon character. And how do we react to cartoon characters? We laugh! Laugh with me sweetie!!!

    Your right, I apologize, I still would like to meet this person in a dark alley though, LOLOLOLOL

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hello scorchio, I'll reserve the welcome for later,( much later if his first rant is anything to go by).

  • MissBehave

    please, no need for apologies. Besides, he's probably an elder in some congregation leading a miserable life and this is his only outlet. It probably makes him feel better....."Let me get on an internet forum and torture ex JW's with small caps, bad grammar and incorrect spelling. That will really show them and reinforce what a zealous lover of God I am. Death to the infidels". I picture him as a puppet from Team America. Anyone else? Just me? Alrighty then.

  • M.J.

    hiya scorch.

  • misspeaches

    Guys lets be nice to Scorchio. I think that he could make a very fine apostate! It's happened before here....

    Scorchio I have a question for you however. Obviously you have an issue with Americans. How do you feel about the Jehovah's Witness religon being founded in America? Did it used to make you cringe having to hear the American accents on the bible reading tapes, dramas, etc?

  • james_woods

    From "The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet" - A. Conan Doyle

    Watson (looking out the window at 221B Baker Street): "Why look there, Holmes - here is a madman coming up the street. It is sad that his family should let him go out like that."

    Holmes: "On the contrary, my dear Watson - I believe that he is coming here to seek advice."

    Or so I hope. (And with my highest regard for the late Jeremy Brett.)


  • Chimene

    LOL scorchio is being too quiet, Scully must have had enough, LOL

  • Texas Apostate
    Texas Apostate

    HEYYYYYY!!!!! No Fair MissBehave

    I started my thread for this fine example of a human being, which is Scorchio.

    This intellect of Einstein proportions.

    This master of grammer and spelling.... FIRST!!!!! By a WHOLE 10 Minutes.

    My thread should have all the comments on it.

    Oh well great minds think alike.

    Actually I'm starting to think, two welcome threads for this mental midget, is two, too many.

  • MinisterAmos

    english charm and seductive games always make a scorchio.

    Shoot and I thought it was the Brit's excellent oral hygiene that got them hot

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