New Wine in Old Wineskin's - Watchtower Updates its Lies

by unclebruce 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • unclebruce
    I hate to see your back get healed up, cause you're just gonna' go back to work and leave us again. ain't ya'? Now tell it like it is!!!! We can take it, Dammit!


    Well, I have an actual office to pop in and out of now and no plans to go flyabout like '04. So suffer in your jocks rude postersand net grumpies!

    I'm glad you leared to alt 0153™ your stuff bro. Let us 'continue tofollow'™ 'the fine example'™ of 'our brothers™ in Brooklyn'™

    funny that we were trademarked by a multi-national but thought we vwere sooo independant and cool lol.

    unc™lebruce™ with tickets on himself.

  • ozziepost
    Good thing I quit uni and my volunteer jobs.


    Does that mean you're un-WIRED ?

  • unclebruce

    Yes Aussie un WIRES and un FIRED (rural fire service will just have to struggle on

    The last few years have been awesome. Having to wait so long for council and state forest approval meant I had time to explore the world of volunteering. But now I've cleared the decks to build and start earning a regular income.

    cheers, unc

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