1935 and the sealing of the anointed class

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  • jwfacts

    The year 1935 has not scriptural precedence. At least with 1881 it corresponded to 3 years after 1878 in parallel to Jesus call of the Gentiles.

  • Leolaia

    Well, they could drop 607 and adopt 586 BC and then bammo!! they have a date to hang 1935 onto....

  • IP_SEC
    and then bammo!! they have a date to hang 1935 onto....

    Then what do they do with 1918/19/22/25

    I guess they would have to drop the daniel and izaiahh books too.

    Hmm I could think of a place they can shove those books instead.

  • Leolaia

    They can just do what they did with the 1799, 1874, and 1878 dates.....just move the events to the new date! If they can move all the crap they say happened in 1914, 1918, 1919 to 1935, that would get rid of the whole 607 vs. 587/6 issue, give a biblical rationale for 1935, and buy a few more decades for the "last days". Sounds like a "win / win" to me.

  • Jourles
    If someone starts to declare they are 'anointed' it is just assumed they are 'replacements' for unfaithful anointed ones.

    Another problem you run into though is....how many old timer anointed ones do you know of that become unfaithful as they approach their 80's and 90's? With the amount of anointed hovering around 8600 for the past, oh, 20 years, that means that a few hundred are obviously falling away each year when you take into account the mortality rate.

    It's all a sham anyways. Just another 'class' to hold over the rest of the congregation - "Look at me. I'm Jesus' right hand man!"

  • greendawn

    The whole annointed issue is a joke since the 144 000 number that the JWS invoke is clearly non literal since it talks about 144 000 Jewish male virgins, and if you are to raed it literally then most if not all "annointed" JWs do not fit the description.

    You can't argue that the male virginal Jews are symbolic and then in mid verse switch round and claim their number of 144 000 is literal. And besides there is no valid reason to claim that this number was completed in 1935, it was totally arbitrary.

  • VM44

    "This flash of Bible understanding"....came from Rutherford! Again, Rutherford is shown to be the originator of doctrine and founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses. No doubt this "flash" of understanding was carried from Jehovah directly to Rutherford's mind via an angel.

    Also, think about it, "flash of understanding"... a flash only lasts a brief amount of time, like in a flash bulb, are they saying that they had a brief "flash" of understanding, then followed by a darkness of understanding?


  • VM44

    As for Jesus making an "inspection" of all the religions in the year 1918, there is NOTHING in the Bible that indicates this was done!

    The idea of an "inspection" was a creation of Judge Rutherford.

    Rutherford so much believed that he was chosen by Jehovah, particularly after he spent time in prison, that he made up the doctrine!

    Perhaps Rutherford thought that being chosen by Jesus to be God's Organization was his reward for having suffered being in jail.

    This may be a prime example of a JW doctrine that originated from Rutherford's inflated ego!


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