1935 and the sealing of the anointed class

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  • insearchoftruth

    All throughout this forum and on other websites I have read about the anointed class that will be going to heaven with Jesus (a unique twist on the book of Revelations, both chapters 7 and 14). Furthermore, in direct conflict with 1 Timothy 2, verses 5 and 6 the anointed class is seen as the mediators between Jesus and the ‘great crowd’.

    According to the theology of the wts, in 1914 Jesus began ruling in 1914 and in 1918 the jws were selected as the True Religion.

    The wts backs up the 1914 date with the Daniel prophecy beginning with the incorrect date for the fall of Jerusalem (as a defense when Russell used measurements from Giza to arrive at this date). I think that they have explained away their selection in 1918 with some theory, but how does the wts justify the sealing of the anointed class in 1935?

  • James Free
    James Free

    By using the word 'apparently'. There is no scriptural explanation provided.

    In reality it means little too. If someone starts to declare they are 'anointed' it is just assumed they are 'replacements' for unfaithful anointed ones.

    Now, most of the GB was born AFTER the so-called sealing of the number. It is all total crap.

  • insearchoftruth

    My wife has invited me to the memorial and I am trying to make sense out of who the anointed really are? Any background information will help me plant questions in her bible study as well!

  • Narkissos

    Afaik the WTBTS never tried to back up 1935 with "Biblical chronology" (if that was your initial question).

    I'd start from Ephesians 4:4ff as a second-generation synthesis of early Christianity: "There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to the one hope of your calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in all."

    The WT asserts two hopes -- applying the "one body," and to an extent, the "one Spirit" to only one of them; all the other "one x," including "one baptism," is applied to both.

    The burden of proof for this extraordinary affirmation is theirs.

  • insearchoftruth

    That is my question, how do they back up the 1935 date? The jws are very proud of their biblical basis for everything and they may have to manufacture some of the background to build it up, but they tend to at least give the vision to those who don't want to take the time to look into the background and do some research that all they teach is based on the bible.

  • garybuss

    The "Let God Be True" book says it was a recognizing that mostly began in 1931. This doctrine is explained in the most hazy of ways and using ambiguous and subjective terms. It's one of those "must have been" doctrines. Jehovah's Witnesses is a religious of "Must be's".

    Once a person accepts the CORE doctrine, that is, that the book printing company owners speak FOR GOD, nothing else really needs proof.

    If a person does not accept that core doctrine, then nothing makes sense about the Witness's claims.

  • Legolas
  • insearchoftruth

    Thanks Legolas, as Gary said in the post before, it is one of those 'don't question' dates that a loyal follower shall just accept. I still owe you some answers with respect to my wifes 'dubness', but I am getting there.

  • jwfacts

    The Sealing happened in 1881, according to Russell, with a small amount of prophetic backing. Rutherford plagerised the entire idea and changed the date to 1935. He didn't even bother to try to come up with any scriptural justification. The justification is that if the angels explained the concept in 1935 to Rutherford, then that must be the year for the sealing. Quite an ego.

    Here are the Russell quotes.

    Zion’s Watch Tower 1881 January

    "…the gathering of the bride into the place of safety, will occupy a parallel of seven years of time, ending in 1881"

    New Creation (1899) 1915 ed. p.95

    "To our understanding the general call to this joint heirship with our Redeemer as members of the New Creation of God, ceased in 1881."

    The Time Is At Hand (1889) 1915 ed. p.235

    "As in the type that date - three and a half years after the death of Christ - marked the end of all special favor to the Jew and the beginning of favor to the Gentiles, so we recognize A.D. 1881 as marking the close of the high calling, or invitation to the blessing peculiar to this age - to become joint-heirs with Christ and partakers of the divine nature."

    Jehovah’s Witnesses—Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom (1993) p.632

    "It was also reasoned that the end of God’s special favor to natural Israel down to 36 C.E. might point to 1881 as the time when the special opportunity to become part of spiritual Israel would close."

    Explanation of Chart Representing the Plan of the Ages

    "The General Call To The High Calling Ceased—9
    Even though the general call ceased in 1881, the door to the high calling remains open, as shown by number 9. However, it is only when one who is spirit begotten has to be replaced, (on account of being overcharged with the cares of this world, or sinful living, or loss of faith), that one, desirous of doing the Father's will, is invited to enter the narrow way as a replacement. The door to the high calling will remain open until the bride has made herself ready."

  • Legolas
    The Sealing happened in 1881, according to Russell, with a small amount of prophetic backing. Rutherford plagerised the entire idea and changed the date to 1935. He didn't even bother to try to come up with any scriptural justification.

    Well wait a minute now...... Rev 7:9-17 had something to do with it.

    What About the Jonadabs?

    In 1932 it was explained that Jehonadab (Jonadab), King Jehu’s associate, prefigured a class of persons who would enjoy everlasting life on earth. (2 Ki. 10:15-28) The Jonadabs, as they came to be known, counted it a privilege to be associated with Jehovah’s anointed servants and to have some share with them in advertising the Kingdom. But at that time, there was no special effort to gather and organize these individuals with an earthly hope.

    However, real encouragement was given to the Jonadabs in The Watchtower of August 15, 1934. The article "His Kindness" stated: "Should a Jonadab consecrate himself to the Lord and be baptized? Answer: Most assuredly it is proper for a Jonadab to consecrate himself to do the will of God. No one will ever get life without doing that. Water immersion is merely a symbol of having made a consecration [or, as we would now say, dedication] to do God’s will, and that would not be out of order." The Jonadabs were thrilled!

    Yet, even greater joy was near for them. The following spring, several issues of The Watchtower, beginning with the April 1, 1935, issue, carried this announcement: "Again The Watchtower reminds its readers that a convention of Jehovah’s witnesses and Jonadabs will be held at Washington, D.C., beginning May 30 and ending June 3, 1935." The Jonadabs eagerly awaited the convention.

    The "great multitude," foretold in Revelation 7:9-17 (KJ), was the subject of a talk Brother Rutherford delivered on the second afternoon of the convention. In that discourse he explained that the great multitude was made up of the modern-day Jonadabs and that these Jonadabs had to show the same degree of faithfulness to Jehovah as the anointed. Well, the audience was excited! At the speaker’s request, the Jonadabs arose. "There was at first a hush," recalled Mildred Cobb, who had been baptized in the summer of 1908, "then a gladsome cry, and the cheering was loud and long."

    This flash of Bible understanding had a profound effect upon the activity of Jehovah’s Witnesses. "With enthusiasm running high," remarked Sadie Carpenter, a full-time preacher for over 60 years, "we went back to our territories to search for these sheeplike people who were yet to be gathered." Later the Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses for 1936 reported: "This revelation stirred the brethren and stimulated them to renewed activities, and everywhere throughout the earth come the reports exhibiting joy in the fact that the remnant now have the privilege of carrying the message to the great multitude, and these together working to the honor of the Lord’s name." To help them in this work, the book Riches, published in 1936, contained an extensive discussion of the prospects held out in the Scriptures for the great multitude.

    At last, the dedicated, baptized members of the great multitude were finding their proper place alongside the anointed in advertising God’s Kingdom!

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