I left!!!!

by Hawkeye 42 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Nikita

    WELCOME Hawkeye!!!! Good for you!!!

    Enjoy your new life!


  • Purza

    Congrats to finally getting out. It can be very difficult. Welcome.


  • bennyk

    Good on you, friend !!!!

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Hawkeye, welcome! You're not alone, if you ever need to vent, we're here. God bless - V Sky

  • hartstrings

    Welcome Hawkeye. This board has been a lifesaver for me. So tell us, what specifically made you say "enough is enough."


  • inbyathread

    Congrats (((Hawkeye.))) There is such a large support group out here. Vent, scream, whatever you need to do. Good hugs too. It's all here. Someone here has already gone through the steps. Let us help you on your new path. Just ask.

    The video is great isn't it.


  • Es

    Congrats and welcome to the board

    Enjoy your stay


  • Frog

    HI Hawkeye, what an absolute rock solid star you are :)) I have to say I do agree with Gumby though, sometimes suttle and slow is best when it comes to exposing the WTo-org for what it is, try and put yourself in your witness friends situation when you only had eyes for the org and couldn't be told otherwise. But in the end you have to only do what you know is right, and there are no mistakes when it comes to these things. Just try and not make this harder from yourself than you have to. Oh and remember too that while you're flying high there might be some low points, no doubt you've probably already experienced some of those. Take it easy, and all the best. sis frog xx

  • Alwayshere

    Welcome Hawkeye, It's always "good news" when someone wakes up. It took me too long to realize what a mistake I made.


    Well done and welcome Hawkeye.

    We did the same by sending letters to over a dozen JWs before sending our resignation (same letter) to the Elders of the local cong. who rec'd it a few days after everyone else. But don't be disappointed if you do not receive any replies - we didn't receive any except our disfellowshipping letter signed by three elders! "Friends" we had for over twenty years chose to ignore us and our letter.

    Look forward to hearing more from you in the coming weeks and months

    Kay Tee

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