I left!!!!

by Hawkeye 42 Replies latest jw experiences

  • DavidChristopher

    Congrats Hawkeye! Did you bring any elders out with you?

    I went back in somewhat. I am studying again. Perhaps I may be able to rescue an entire congragation. That is my goal.

    Is that "possible"?

    I feel like I am making decent progress too. As soon as You kick start their minds with a question they can't answer...It is a truly rewarding experence for me.

  • Golf

    Greetings and welcome. I'm with Gumby.


  • deeskis

    welcome to the forum.

    best wishes for the future


  • Gill

    Welcome Hawkeye!

    Listen to Gumby! When you REALLY want to 'vent' about the WTBTS do it here!

    My immeadiate family are all out of the bOrg, (husband and kids) but they still get that faraway look in their eyes when 'I start Watchtower bashing'!

    Imagine what it does to those who are still in! However!!!!!! If there's some JWs and relatives that you really NEVER want to see again.....let rip!

    I used to sit crying about the fact that if I left the bOrg non of my relatives would ever speak to me again....four years on I'm upset if they DO attempt to make any contact!

    Good luck on your journey!


  • insearchoftruth

    Enjoy your new found life and start living hawkeye, congratulations, you have found a great support group here!!

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Congratulations Hawkeye

    I see in another post you were in for 10 years. Although this is quite a chunk of time I am encouraged.
    Most books about cults and high control groups say that 10 yrs is the average time it takes to
    be indoctrinated, assimilate, question, struggle, then leave.
    I am encouraged cause my husband is now starting his 7th year. He is the only one in our family.
    The struggles have been so damaging as you must be aware, and often I just want to give up.
    I'm at that point again as a matter of fact.
    Then I read the most beautiful words "I left!!!" and the dream starts up again.

    If you can, please speak about your experience, you give hope to many.

    Freedom is such a big word.


  • sf

    { Welcome }


    Did you used to visit a chatroom for jws on about.com a few years back? And also the yahoo jw 'user rooms' chatrooms we apostates set up?

    There was a 'hawkeye' back then. Just curious if you are one in the same.


  • Legolas

    Congrats and welcome to the board!

  • Brigid


    Welcome to the "real" worldwide brotherhood. Can't wait to hear more from you.

    You're gonna absolutely love it here!

    Bright Blessings,


  • lilybird

    Congrats Hawkeye..now your life is your own..I know you will enjoy your new freedom.. I sure enjoy mine...

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