Movie: The Truman Show = Jehovahs Witnesses? Anyone seen this movie?

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  • daniel-p

    Unlike with the Truman Show, I wish it was as easy as walking through a door in the wall somewhere and being free. At least I am mentally free, I guess.

  • Trojan

    hartstrings: No, absolutely no word about JW. It is a movie about two kids (without spoiling the end, or twists) and they're mother that live in eastern germany (DDR in german). The mother is a fierce, faithfull communist and active and loves all the party crap....she then has an heart attack and lies in coma. During that time the wall comes down and the soviet regime crashes.....the country changes....the old communist stuff disappears, and they start having new cars, buildings, coca-cola, ads, ikea, actually gives me goosepumps, because I saw that process with my own eyes. Anyway, the mother wakes up and the kids think to their mothers own good (and her weak heart) they have to fake and simulate the old system. So they go about to build a "fake communist" world (I will not tell you how, but it has very funny parts where they have to come up with creative what if she wants to watch TV? The programm has more communist speeches....all kinds of stuff like that) They can get away with it for a while since they're mother is attached to the house, due to bad health.......

    ..........there is a surprising ending and lots of interesting things that I will not tell, as I said, not to spoil the movie for you. Yes, if your husband is JW, go and get the might make him think (if you give it a 'little push',.....I didn't see the similarities the first time a saw it, but can certainly see them now).

    My take is: the kids=governing body, the mother=the rest of us.


    PS: Let me know what the reaction was.....I'm curious to that.

  • kazar

    How about 1984 starring John Hurt and Richard Burton? I found it alarming and chillingly parallel to the WBTS treatment of its people. It alarmed me that I could have ended up like John Hurt did at the end of the movie. Gave me chills.

  • unclebruce
    Once the main character finds out that he's living in an artificial world, that the sky and limits of the sea, are cardboard and painted. He realizes with shock that nothing in his life was ever real. All his friends and even family members where paid is sad and dramatic to see this movie now, through this "lense" of awareness! It helps to step out of yourself and see what has been going on with your life...

    Good thread Trojan,

    One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

    Farenheit 451

    Animal Farm

    1984 (as per kazar above)

    Blues Brothers (reminds me of my life as a 70's jw ... same cars, same clothes, same filthy mind and bad attitude


  • Trojan
    same cars, same clothes, same filthy mind and bad attitude

    LOL, unclebruce! I like you attitude now. By the way, I love your posts. They have that sincere touch that I like in persons! What happened to your old avatar? I liked that.


  • Gregor

    The original 1950's "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" when everyone you used to know look the same but now they are only concerned that you get a seed pod put under your bed so you can be completely absorbed and conform to the group.

    Truman Show was good too.

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