Movie: The Truman Show = Jehovahs Witnesses? Anyone seen this movie?

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  • deeskis

    I really enjoyed the truman show and the island, and yes the similarities to discovering the truth about the org is thought provoking.

    other movies that remind me of the jw experience..............

    how about dumb and dumber?!..............jk..................(although I do love that movie!)

    Best wishes


  • rimbaudbunuel

    1996 - Lars von Trier - "Breaking the Waves" - Amazing movie - any ex-jw who got df'd will feel this close to their heart. "Divan" - movie about a hacidic woman who breaks away. And maybe the best i've seen - "The Devils Playground" - Documentary on what Omish kids do once they turn 16 - Beautiful.

  • Trojan

    Wow! It seems there are quite a few movies that relate well to the JW world.

    Here is one that bethelites or ex-bethelites might feel, makes some point (at least i keep having this feeling, that this movie portrays bethel life):

    Groundhog Day.

    I absolute love this movie. But sometimes I feel life at Bethel is like that: everyday the same stupid routine, over and over again. And its the same with the meetings....they more often give me that Deja-Vu feel ("I think I've heard that already....").

    But, maybe I love the movie because of Andie McDowell - she is the most gorgeous actress ever!!!! Absolutely sexy!!!! But this is off topic...

    I also loved Titanic....because I'm the kind of person that likes better a short, intense lived life over a long, everlasting, boring life.


  • jgnat

    I am really fond of the Truman Show as well. The last time I watched it, I watched the creator. He seriously believed he knew what was best for Truman, and that he could not be surprised by him. A true god complex.

    I have no doubt the GB feel the same. Just like Hollywood, they have found there is greater profit in reruns than in creating original material. People can be fooled in to eating the same meal over and over again, if it is spaced well. What the WTBTS and Hollywood fail to realize is that the unblinking masses clue in eventually.

  • Chimene

    I have a friend that is being deprogrammed by someone at and this watching the Truman Show is the first step.

  • insearchoftruth

    I wonder if it is time for my wife and I to watch it this upcoming weekend??

  • Chimene

    Might not be a bad idea

  • Chimene

    HS, is the movie your thinking of Pleasantville?

  • Trojan

    Hey, here is another one. This little 'brainstorming' session reminded me of this one:

    "Good buy Lenin":

    I would say this last one is ONE OF THE BEST movies that clarifies JW behaviour and mind control.

    I will not spoil the movie, as some of you might not have seen it and it has a very, very interesting twist...

    ...but the ones that saw this movie will know what I mean. This movie reminded me of another point:

    When East-Germany (hey, another good analogy to the WTBTS regime) was under communist power, they actually managed to "seal" an entire nation and keep them under a belief system that was absolutely hilarious and a BIG LIE! Here is one example:

    The winters in that part of Europe are terribly cold (used to be), and they didn't have enough oil, coal for the winter time. So the government went ahead and started to censorship the Weather forecasts and news in general. They would FIRST get the real temperature, and than make the number up, to give the impression that it was actually "warmer". The poor people would swallow (or otherwise they couldn't question it, if it was being said EVERYWHERE, it must be true, right?) They also started to believe it, looking out of the window and their minds would tell them: "Well, its not that cold, they only announced ......Celsius,...." I know this facts from eastern german friends.

    I relate this activities to many things inside the JW world. One example is the Yearbook writing, I see everybody all excited about the new one and I know how the "history" of some of these countries is filtered, censored, cleaned up to make a good Yearbook (you will never read the REAL WORLD stuff, the REAL experiences like: "....and then elder Dominating-others-being-a-jerk commited adultery with my daughter, but our faith never failed and we went one..." or ".....and then the ass-kissing-mr.-important missionary showed up at our country and got a nice home with air conditioner and washing machine, whilst we already had hundreds of pioneers doing the exact same thing and sleeping in shacks....but he got the glory and took over power and pushed the locals to the side.....") I don't want to emphasize the negative things, but you will NEVER read what was REALLY going on....I've read the yearbook about countries that I know personally, the names of the people and everything and ask myself: what happened to this or that person....Then I read about some other countries that I don't know and ask myself what the story behind the story is....


  • ballistic

    I posted the same topic here many years ago (lol)

    I'm not sure if this is the same link I posted before, but there's some in depth analysis of the religious aspects of the film here:

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