Regarding the Pledge of Allegiance....

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  • Princess

    Hi Mega! Hi Sherri! Always good to see you guys!

    Thanks bigmouth for the NZ info. I love the laid back attitude, it's more my style than the dogmatic, stand at attention blather...just don't tell my brother.

    Oh mom, you should have let me make you that cup of coffee. Sometimes we start earlier so we are done around 12-1.

  • peacefulpete

    "I pledge allegiance and obedience to all the laws of the United States that are consistent with God's law, as set forth in the Bible"

    I was taught the objectional bit in the pledge was the word "allegiance" for a JW would only give allegiance to Jeh and Jesus. They must have used a different argument back then.

  • heathen

    I'm thinking if there ever was another country with a pledge of allegience to the flag it must have been Nazi germany .I've always felt that the pledge of allegiance was unecessary for anybody let alone children . I remember hearing about the US concentration camps for japeneese americans and that they forced them to say the pledge of allegiance during WW2 .

  • doodle-v

    Hi Princess...

    Jello Shots eh? hmmmm.....

    oh yeah...what was this thread about again?

    I don't really have a comment about the flag salute but I wanted to pop in too and say hi to Princess and Steve

    (J says hi too)


  • Leolaia

    There was an earlier thread here that discussed how an American fascist group (or with fascist tendencies) was behind the adoption of the Pledge here....

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