Watchtower "study" - a puzzle for drones

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  • Gregor

    OK, here's how you prepare for the Watchtower study. Come on, it's fun!

    What you'll need:

    An unmarked copy of the Watchtower for theWT study that week. Most witnesses have several untouched copies of these laying around where they were laid after being purchased at the KH.

    A highlight pen - color is your choice. (before highlight pens, we used a red pencil or pen)

    How it's done:

    First read a numbered paragraph, then read the corresponding numbered question below. Look back at the paragraph and read until you find the answer to the question. Highlight it. You have now 'studied' that paragraph and you're ready to go to the next one.

    example question: "Who was Jeremiah?"

    Read through the corresponding numbered paragraph. When you come to the sentence "Jeremiah was a bullfrog" draw your highlighter over the word "bullfrog"

    NOTE: If you thought Jeremiah was an Old Testament prophet, you are wrong. The paragraph said plainly that he was a bullfrog. The Watchtower is the final authority. DO NOT -repeat- DO NOT bring up any disagreement with the Watchtower answers, especially during the congregation study. This could lead to expulsion from the org. and losing out on the Grand Prize - Everlasting Life.

  • startingover

    Thanks for the laugh.

    My wife goes a little further, she looks up the cited scriptures and puts a note about their content in the margin.

  • Gregor

    Yes, margin notes on a really dog eared copy were good. If held properly, it could be seen by others over your shoulder from several rows back. It looked like you had completely inhaled all the spiritual food there was to be had in that article. If this was observed consistently you got the reputation of being a very knowledgable, spiritually mature, brother or sister. If Armageddon started tomorrow, you'd have nothing to worry about.

    Conversely, to be seen with a clean, unmarked magazine during the meeting was a sure sign of a weak publisher. Having to raise your hand for a copy when the meeting began, well, you must be, as the Hawaiians say, a real "weaky-sicky-newy"

  • Tish

    Oh my goodness this takes me back, what would have been even more fun would be to print out all the scriptures on a separate sheet this however was condemned in my cong as it wasn't read from the bible itself, but scored high in the old spiritualometer of supremicy!!

  • IP_SEC

    I just used to underline random areas so I looked spiritual if some one saw my copy.

  • Ellie

    Hahahaa, if you hadn't been there to see it or do it yourself I'm sure you wouldn't believe it.

  • Tish

    But it does look pretty

  • willyloman
    Do not use multiple colors of highlighter, that's for blatant show-offs

    Yellow = Answer to "a" part

    Orange = Answer to "b" part

    Blue = Scripture you looked up; see pertinent phrases hand-written in margin

    Green (best obtained by highlighting with yellow over blue, that way you don't need a fourth highlighter) = Scripture you looked up in the index to see what prior application has been made; see copious research in margin which bleeds over onto next page

  • hamsterbait


    I stopped marking my WT for the meeting when I realised that I WANTED others to see I had thoroughly studied and looked up all the scriptures. Of course, I knew the scripture "take care not to parade your righteousness before men". For a long time I continued to "pre study".

    I resolved never again to mark a study, when I heard from s.o. who went to the pio school that it was a bad example not to have a marked WT at the meeting, and it was a good idea to mark one or two words in the middle of a para with highlighter, even if you had not read it, so no one would think you were unspritual.


  • upside/down
    upside/down too!

    I used to underline in very light as to not be a "show off"...was actually reprimanded because I was the WT reader...and some were "stumbled" at seeing my apparently unstudied WT... So I was forced to make my WT look just like everyone elses...HIGHLITED.

    And stupid me...acquiesced.

    u/d(of the just could not win class)

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