When did you first "get the truth™"

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  • deeskis

    my parents and grandparents on both sides were witnesses. it's hard to pinpoint a time when it's all you knew. I always knew we were different, but I thought we were special.

    sitting in a freezing cold school corridor aged five onwards while the rest of the class had scripture classes was one of my first lessons in being different.

  • Mysterious

    I used to say I was allergic to hotdogs at BBQs because I didnt want to explain the blood issue. I always said I wasnt allowed to go to people's houses afterschool so I wouldnt have to explain bad association. For sports and school events I always said I was busy or that I didnt want to go, not that I couldnt.

  • Carmel

    suckled at the breast of hypocracy! Weaned shortly after the sheep dippin!

    curses, uncle dunk

  • misspeaches

    UncleBruce I am glad you post here again too! You have such a great way of putting things. I always look forward to reading one of your posts.

    My mum got the lie truth when I was a tender age of 3. I don't remember a time when I wasn't being dragged to meetings and witnessing. My youth was a miserable experience let me assure you. School was horrible - the teachers didn't understand and singled you out. The kids loved it as a reason to taunt you and then we had to try fit into the social groups at the kingdom hall. But if your dad is an unbeliever - you are an outcast there too.


    But I think I had it far easier then so many more here. Including yourself. But you must be a true Aussie battler I think!

  • unclebruce
    But if your dad is an unbeliever - you are an outcast there too

    Especially if you're a girl. The undercurrent of bitchiness amoungst sisters™ is legendary.

    I actually had a lot of fun as a Witness™. The memories of school canings and being made to stand in front facing the whole school assembly every monday morning while they sang 'God Save the Queen' at me sometimes play with my head .. prayer and a sense of standing firm for jehovah got me throufgh (after a while even that felt pretty funny with some of mates finding it very hard to be serious - especially after I told them I was the Queen)

    Luckily for me, we were very active people. Pre-witness Dad was a founding member of Adelaide's "underwater explorers club", diving off shipwrecks arround the coast and I have fond memories of learning to dive, spearfish and learn other bush skills at a very early age. I was never held back from playing with my mates in the street either (and the streets ran with kids in those days) .

    happy unc

  • IronClaw

    December 25th 1969. I swear that was the date they knocked on our door. What a f-cking Christmas present that was.

    The Claw.

  • collegegirl21

    When I was in 5th grade and I was getting ready to partake in the eating of birthday cake - my mom came into the room (she worked at the school I went to) and she said, "S******, now would Jehovah approve of you taking the cake?" And I said, "I'm sure Jehovah would be ok with it, he doesn't want me to starve." She grabbed my ear and directed me to the computer lab. Besides me sitting in my mom's bible studies, this is the only other thing I remember, lol.

  • Soledad

    I was in the 3rd grade. I made a new friend and I wanted to spend a Saturday at her house. My mother filled my head with all kinds of things: "don't eat anything they offer you------some people like to eat blood" "Don't listen to any of those Thriller records" (which was the very first thing I listened to). That's when I first realized that being a JW meant being a freak.

  • LDH

    I was born into it. I had no choice. By school age, the indoctrination was deep.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Like many other, I too was fortunate enought to be born into the truth, thank God!

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