Could the GB be using this forum?

by Kristofer 29 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    I'm sure they do, and sadly I bet they pick up some information that benefits them, but such is life. I really think the internet and their unwillingness to go mainstream will be the death of them as far as a major sect.

    Wouldn't it be a hoot if a GB member showed up on one of these boards?

  • ballistic
    G'day bro.ballistic,

    I count six questions here apart from yours and the title .. so which question is your question questioning?

    I just mean, does the governing body browse this forum? so what? f*ck em!

    sorry - got a really bad hangover and not feeling very talkative.

  • unclebruce

    ROTFL ... thanks for the clarification bro. Yeah f*ck the lot of 'em! lol

  • gumby

    Either you two boys quit cussing, or I'll turn both of your apostate asses in quicker than your nutsack can shrivel on a cold-ass day in December!


  • unclebruce

    shit sorry gumby

  • Terry

    The JW's and their surrogates use sockpuppetry all the time.

    Go to Wikipedia. Search the Jehovah's Witness section. At the end you can find the links to the "disputes".

    Aribitrations have been envoked on the replies because of sockpuppetry.

    Read all about it.

    Deviousness and insidiousness these guys eat for breakfast.

  • DavidChristopher

    Wouldn't that be hypocritical to order their flock NOT to do what they are doing themselves?

    If that could be would be the end for them.

    If they posess more "truth" than the flock, and that protects them from "outside influence" it is simply admitting they are not doing their jobs fully.

    If one of their "spies" (intelligence operatives) reads this...YOU have the power to cripple them. They better be kissing your ass.

    In reality..the discouraging of the flock from taking in knowledge from the a flagrant admission of their incompetence, deiciet, and insecurities!

    I would like to hear them justify this order they gave. But they are safe for now because JW's don't dare question them....yet.

    But remember GB...when "yet" gets here(and I hope it is soon) You are going to have alot of explaining to do. And the spies who protect them, and help them continue to mislead people, will too.

    In the meantime....enjoy.


    I hope they are reading this site or at least being told its content by a higher up who can use the interner as Stilla mentioned. I would say to them that your oppressive, works oriented religion is faltering. Reduce the meetings to at least twice a week and stop collecting field service reports. There is no scriptural basis at all for all the meetings every week and handing in a report to the elders at the end of each month so please re-evaluate.

    If they changed those 2 things I believe many would not leave, or in the very least it make it easier for people like me to tolerate still being in this religion.

  • DavidChristopher

    That would never happen as they cannot admit they were wrong. They have painted themselves as the Word of God. To change or new/contrary information would prove this to be a lie. They have dug their graves...Jesus is not going to let them escape without admission of their wrongdoings and the ceasing of such. IMO

    He is the teacher....they are going to have to be students..they have no choice.

    I will be so happy when I get to hear His opinions on things, rather than His puppetmasters opinions presented as His. IMO

  • uninformed

    Please pass this message on to Ted Jaracz.

    I think you are an evil, manipulative, arrogant asshole.

    Please pass this message to Losch.

    Get a haircut and oh yeah, GO Steelers!


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