Sneak attacks continue it's starting to piss me off

by justice for all 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Frog

    Heya jfa, it sounds like from the way you've written that perhaps you weren't associated with the JW's for all that long? Perhaps if that's the case you would naturally feel that after a few months the bro's should just get the hint & stop harassing you. For me though having been raised a witness I did expect that expected, as somebody so aptly put it, and knew to expect the calls & visits for a few months. It wasn't though until I made myself perfectly clear that they begun to leave me in peace. You have to say what you mean, and when you do, you need to make sure that you mean what you say, cause there aint no going back. I think 9.9 times out of 10 elders and concerned witness friends will leave you alone if you state your wishes clearly and firmly. They're instructed to leave the flock if even one sheep strays, and for the time being you're their stray sheep project, so don't let yourself get too worked up about will pass, it always does :) x

  • James Free
    James Free
    If you aren't interested, just tell them so. They'll stop. If people would grow a backbone and do what they mean and mean what they say, this bs wouldn't happen.

    YES YES and YES. If you say stop, they will. And if you DA yourself the must totally ignore you.

    As for 'get a restraining order'...what a load of crock. You don't need one, just ask to be left alone or DA yourself.

    The complainers who don't like the attention are often the same ones who would say 'nobody cared about me' if they WERE left alone.

  • jgnat

    But what if the person no longer buys in to the whole DF/DA nonsense, and sees no need to cut off family and friends just to satisfy an updated membership card? Harrassment is what it is, even if it is done to a member "in fine standing" with the congregation.

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