Comments You Will Not Hear at the 3-5-06 WT Study (Patience)

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  • Gill

    Blondie - Thanks for all your hard work. I sat and read most of the article and I find that now, instead of as when I first joined the forum when I used to get mad with the WTBTS, it just made me smile, and think of my silly relatives off to their Sunday meetings. It gives me a 'sick kick', to think of how they look down on me and mine as 'bird food' and 'due for destruction'.

    They certainly need to be patient with the WTBTS and waiting and waiting for the 'end to come.' It makes me wonder how long it really will take for any of them to click that they've been fooled. I just can't feel sad for them anymore. It's so nice to be free and the best thing is ......NO MEETINGS TO GO TO!!!!!!

  • upside/down

    One scholar--who, what source, when? Nothing on Google, nothing on WT-CD. How valuable is the quote without the name of the person, where the source is, when it was said?

    What kind of "scholar" would dare let themselves be quoted without a credit, or even want to?

    Isn't that part of the point of being a scholar?


    u/d(of the a "scholar" told me the WTS is full of it class)

  • BluesBrother

    " retirement is starting to loom and the end is not yet" - as Blondie succinctly said

    This has to be seen in context of a two week study leading up to a discussion of the disappointing 2004 Annual Service Report. Anybody reading that would feel discontent. This study is to provoke a feeling of guilt and disloyalty if you do start to wonder what is going wrong when such rotten figures are presented as if it were a triumph.

    If you are disappointed that we are still here in the second half of the first decade of the twentyfirst century, then it is all your fault.. You ungrateful reader who only wants your paradise....

    Incidentally, p5 says "Jehovah does not view time as we do", a well known phrase , but consider.. Suppose you were approaching retirement in say, 3 years time. You might say to another sixty year old that you will retire "soon". But would you allow your five year old grandchild to equate that to "soon" in his experience?. You would have to say, "No, it will be a long time yet" because time is different to him. My point is this. One speaks in terms that relate to your audience, not the speaker. So to say that "soon" to God is different to "soon" to us, is in my view not a reasonable explanation. It depicts God as unable to communicate to his audience , and that is not true.

  • anewme

    Thankyou Blondie for continuing to publish your thoughts about the Sunday Watchtower lesson.
    Until I started reading your column I had no way to defend myself from the manipulative style of wording and writing the society uses. My critical and logical thinking process is very immature, but growing steadily everyday!

    Awhile back I returned to the hall to sit and listen once again to the theocratic voice of the FDS.
    I found myself questioning the vague quotes and sources of info.
    I winced at the black and white, us v.s. them remarks.
    I chafed at the judgemental condemnation of everyone not JW.
    I cringed at the jabs made at sinners and those who doubt the wisdom of the FDS.
    I wanted to be sick at the suggestion that more field service is the remedy for depression.
    I sank at the warning words regarding dfd ones and the poison they are to the purity of the brotherhood.

    I went out to my car, got in it, and got out of there.
    I will never go back.

    I just had to visit one last time to hear it all again for myself with my new listening.



  • Pistoff

    wait, wait wait.

    witnesses wait for everything: justice for raped children, the chance to own that mansion, and for real love shown by loving elders.

    i am done waiting; i live for NOW.


  • Alleymom

    Thanks for the review, Blondie.

    I'm really curious about that quote from the unidentified scholar. What possible reason could there be for not identifying the scholar? The quote from Barclay which you gave in your comments shows up on the internet, but this one doesn't. Curious.

    17 After commenting about the prophets of old, the disciple James wrote: "You have heard of the endurance of Job and have seen the outcome Jehovah gave, that Jehovah is very tender in affection and merciful." (James 5:11) The Greek word here translated "endurance" has a meaning similar to that of the word James used in the preceding verse for "patience." Pointing out the difference between the two words, one scholar wrote: "The former is patience when persons abuse us, the latter is brave perseverance under things that distress us."

    WT February 1, 2006 pp. 17-21 Patience

  • Leolaia

    Thanks blondie for another stimulating review!

    As for the unsourced quote, I doubt there is scholastic dishonesty involved here (for such a minor point)....just really, really lazy citing of sources. I can try to find the source when I go to the library later in the week; it might plausibly come from a commentary on James, or a theological lexicon...

  • GoingGoingGone

    Thanks again Blondie for an awesome review!

    One note about their unidentified 'scholars'... I have long suspected that any unconfirmable, quoted 'scholars' are actually members of the Bethel staff or the GB who make a statement and are 'quoted' as a 'scholarly source'..... So many of their quotes are unidentified and unidentifiable. They all consider themselves the only real Bible scholars, anyway, so why not?

    They are legends in their own minds.


  • stillAwitness
    before I go to the meeting I always like to read your review. It helps save my sanity a little.

    Same Here! But i did not get to is till after my meeting; no biggie-I worked on my term paper for lit class instead

    Ah yes, patience patience patience. Sheesh Brooklyn! Haven't we heard enough?

  • stillAwitness

    By the way: What the heck is a CARROT??!!

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