Comments You Will Not Hear at the 3-5-06 WT Study (Patience)

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  • heathen

    stillAwitness --- The term carrot on the stick is one of those metaphors . People that had stubborn mules would put a carrot on a stick and wave it in front of the mule to get him to move . The WTBTS uses threats and false promises to get what they want . They gave up promising the kingdom arrival which was their best carrot to get people going to raise money . Now after many false predictions they fell back on the resurrection hope .

  • stillAwitness

    Ohhhh...ok I got it now! Carrot! I like that!

  • uninformed

    Patience or patient--42 times in one article, a new worlds record.
  • jojochan
    10 Is not the patience of God something to marvel at? In spite of the magnitude of human disobedience, Jehovah has allowed each one of us, along with millions of other people, the opportunity to come to know him and to embrace the hope of salvation. "Consider the patience of our Lord as salvation," wrote Peter to fellow Christians. (2 Peter 3:15) Are we not grateful that Jehovah's patience has opened the way to salvation for us? Do we not pray that Jehovah may continue to be patient with us as we serve him day by day? -Matthew 6:12.

    That paragraph right there depressed me as with the reast of the study in a sense that THAT is the reason that they pushout. When I read the whole article it did'nt "uplift" me at all. It depressed me, and let me know that in THEIR god's eye we are nothing but slaves to him that and that we have no say at all when it comes to the god cleansing this world. As a dub your place in his arrangement as far as the society is concerned is to pump those mags out there. Do as you are told, grin and bear it. Just how many times can they get away with saying, "very soon"/?

    I hate that phrase that they so carelessly just like a fart in the wind.

    jojochan...the dissapointed.

  • heathen
    Do we not pray that Jehovah may continue to be patient with us as we serve him day by day?

    and who exactly are they serving ? Is it jehovah or a book publishing corporation that determines who is worthy? I think it's way past time that they face the facts that they are the ones that keep messing up the message and persecuting people for not believing them .

  • stillAwitness

    We've all heard the "we can all see the ones that have come into the Troof over the years who would not have had the chance if it wasn't for Jehobah's patience"

  • Hawkeye

    Thank you Blondie for your hard work every week. I really appreciate it. Love reading your comments!

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