What do you think the Watchtower is most afraid of?

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  • collegegirl21

    I think that they are most afraid of the young not being in the religion. Once the young people start falling out there will be no huge basis for them to exist with. There will be no reproduction in the religion and then it will be no more.

  • DevonMcBride

    Freedom of mind and thoughts.

  • insearchoftruth

    I think education is the biggest issue. My wife, an inactive jw who has recently started a bible study is also just starting college and I find it very interesting to listen to the conflict she is having between what the wt has always been teaching her and what she is learning with respect to history.

    The bs about how we are in the worst times of the world is crumbled when one looks at the times of Ceaser and the brutality of the people of that era.

  • jstalin

    Critical thinking.

  • Dismembered
    Re: What do you think the Watchtower is most afraid of?

    With the proud and arrogant ones that make up the leadership? NOT A THING!


  • Scully

    I think they are deathly afraid of the Australians, Norwegians and the French exJWs ganging up together and showing up at Brooklyn Headquarters en masse.

    That's the real reason they're moving out to Patterson.

  • snarf

    Money running out.

    People in the org. starting to think for themselves and asking alot of questions.

  • Trojan

    .....YESSS, the Internet. A friend of mine (Watchtower writer) recently mentioned to me that they can't write about everything and have to compromise the articles, because of the apostates. I asked him how that could be (I mean: THE spiritual food, adapted because of apostates???), he sighed and said yes, they have to be carefull (which they aren't, because I mentioned some topic to him about something the Society wrote only 5 years ago, and he said that couldn't be the Society never said such a thing, I pulled out the WT and his jaw dropped.....). YES, my friend. Read the stuff you write!!!!!!!

    Second. You forgot something the CO's keep mentioning and was FAVORITE topic at the recent held Elders course: PORNOGRAPHY....

    Probably Porn is doing more than apostate stuff.....I would think in terms of damage: 80 to 20.


  • Anitar

    I agree with everyone, there is alot the Watchtower is afraid of. But if you think about it, is there really

    anything they're not afraid of? Look at everything they have ever taught, practiced, covered up, or lied

    about, and you would find enough dirt to bring them down on ANY subject.

    From failed prophicies, blood deaths, extortion, class distinctions, the list goes on and on. I cannot find

    one single redeemable quality about this "organization." If you goons at Bethel are reading this forum, and

    we know you are, just know you have nowhere to go but DOWN.

    Hugs and Kisses!


  • BizzyBee

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster! ( Hey, somebody had to say it.)

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