When were the Watchtower's best moments?

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  • JH

    Are they in their best moments right now, since they never had as many witnesses as now worldwide, or were their best days somewhere in 1950's or 60's or 70's before deception set it. Did the Watchtower ever have any credibility somewhere in time?

  • minimus

    When Charles Taze Russell became the Laodecian Messenger.

  • Cellist

    The whole religion is based on deception. You would have to define what you considered a "best moment". Quality of people? Financial wealth? Rate of growth? Quality of literature? etc., etc.

    There was lots of excitement and feeling of forward movement in the '80's.

    Personally, my very best Watchtower moment was when I quit.


  • Dune

    I think that the best moments were when the WTBS started gaining members again in the early 80's (but then that was stopped with the release of crisis of conscience)

  • RR

    The best moments were between 1879 and 1916, after that everything went down hill!

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  • minimus

    Why would that be the best time? Because all of their chronology was so off and they never got to realize it???

  • Honesty

    I don't know or care what the Watchtower's best moments were.

    My best moment was when, to the surprise and consternation of many of my friends attending, the Presiding Overseer of the Walland, TN. Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses announced from the platform preceding the Service Meeting that I was no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses because I had disassociated myself from the destructive cult of innuendo.

  • IronClaw

    Prior to 1879

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    I would say, the 70's and 80's, by the 90's all the lies started seeping out (internet), during the 70's and 80's Freddie Franz was at his peek, and the "1975" and "the generation that won't pass away" had enthusiam at an all time high, and the eagerness of all to preach it to everyone. You will never hear anyone in door to door mentioning how Noah had to wait 120 years and we are now 90 years since 1914, just ain't gonna happen, I don't know if they can ever reach that point again, regardless of how many witnesses there are. They just dont have the "GREAT" salesman like Franz, Knorr, Rutherford and Russel.

  • garybuss

    In my life the Watch Tower Corporation had a peak event with the dual conventions held simultaneously at Yankee Stadium and The Polo Grounds in New York City in 1958. That's back in the days when the Witnesses people believed in the Society.

    They almost never convened a court. I think I saw one guy disfellowshipped in all the 1950's. There was so much end time hype in the 1950's that when the 60's started and no Armageddon yet, there was a complacency. That complacency ended in 1966 with the start of the most successful mistake the Society ever made.

    The history of the Watch Tower Society is a series of predictions, failures, purges, and recoveries. ALL history of the Watch Tower Society fits into one of those four slots. Now we are just ending a series of failures and we are in a purge stage. Corporate change always precedes a recovery and new predictions are L O N G overdue. I wonder if they can stand any more failures.

    I'm simply amazed how reactive the Society has become. This Corporation has never really recovered from the failure of 1975. Quite a few Witnesses saw the failure of 1995 as confirmation of the 1975 failure. They endured the 1975 failure but they refused to endure the confirmation.

    The Internet is providing the Witness people options for leaving and a choice of tested plans. This has been an interesting last 10 years.

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