When were the Watchtower's best moments?

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  • garybuss

    We drove to New York from South Dakota straight through because we couldn't afford a hotel. Parents, brother, aunt, uncle, and me all in a 1953 Chevy 6 banger. The trip almost killed us.

    We stayed in a flea bag of a hotel and rode the subway to and from the convention. When my mother saw the hotel assigned to us and the bedbugs she refused to stay there and she made my dad get a different one. I'm sure that wasn't an easy task. That's the first time I saw a bedbug.

    We mostly were at Yankee Stadium, but one day we went to the Polo Grounds. I didn't even really know about the trailer city until after the convention when I saw the pictures. The trailer city looked like more fun than we had sitting in those wooden chairs with steel armrests 12 hours a day. The Society was extremely proud of that trailer city and the fact they even set up a barber shop so Witnesses who couldn't make it 8 days without a haircut were serviced.

    We were at the convention early every morning and we ate breakfast there every day. I worked in volunteer service and my job was going into the freezers and bringing ice cream bars to the refreshment stands. I caught a heck of a cold and I was sick as a pup all the way home. We went up and saw the Watch Tower Farms. Boy they had some pretty flower beds! And then we visited Niagara Falls. It didn't seem very safe there. I was glad to leave.

    There was some big change at that assembly. I think that's when they first let women give talks to each other at the Kingdom Hall. I might have remembered that wrong. We've had so many blessings come from those assemblies it's easy to get them mixed up.

  • OICU8it2

    Absolutely, Gary Buss. Well said. I went thru the hype of the 70's and 80's. They set themselves up a defining moment in 1966 which resonated with the internet in 1995. If they wanna start suggestin' 120 years as the waiting period, remember, their first starting point was 1799 or at least 1874 when Jesus didn't show up.

  • garybuss

    The convenient thing to forget for many Jehovah's Witnesses is their absolute tie to William Miller who began his end of the world predictions in 1829. To begin counting from the last failed date is back lot prophecy. It's transparently flawed and it's dishonest. The people like me who accepted it all are fools.

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