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  • Scully


    Typing in "Ontario Circuit" in the charity name field will give you alot of them. If you put in "Watch Tower" you get the Canadian Bethel. <---------- must be nice to make over $1 million just in interest.

    I used to get a charge out of typing in "Jehovah" and seeing almost 1500 JW-related charitable organizations pop up.

    You can also go to the gazette (weekly or monthly publication by the government of Canada) and see if there are any JW charities whose charitable status has been revoked. heh heh.

  • Gill

    I should imagine that if HQ were forced to read out their accouts on a monthly basis tot he congregations, the R and F would soon catch on as to what a huge killing in profits the bOrg was making and contributions would start to decline rapidly.

  • Midget-Sasquatch
    You can also go to the gazette (weekly or monthly publication by the government of Canada) and see if there are any JW charities whose charitable status has been revoked. heh heh.

    May those few become a mighty nation.

    The Canadian branch even sent a letter to congregations about the new info that has to be included on income tax donation receipts (their website info) and the penalties Revenue Canada now has for charities that fail to comply or to file their information return. They're really on top of things when it affects their cash flow.

  • Scully

    I was just snooping around on that list on CRA's website

    For a certain local congregation's 2003 tax return, the trustees/directors declared an "at arm's length" relationship to each other, but then on the 2004 tax return, they changed their minds and declared that they did not have an "at arm's length" relationship to each other. I thought that was curious, so I looked up the terminology:

    Previous-year publications

    Completing the Registered Charity Information Return



    Accumulated property

    Sometimes registered charities will want to set aside funds in order to make certain major expenditures, such as the purchase of a building or costly equipment, at some future date. By saving the funds rather than spending them on charitable programs, the registered charity may have difficulty meeting its disbursement quota. If that is the case, the registered charity may want to take advantage of a special provision of the Income Tax Act to accumulate property. Under this provision, amounts are considered applied against the disbursement quota as they are saved rather than when they are actually spent.

    To accumulate property, a registered charity must request it from us in writing. The request must specify the amount of funds the registered charity wishes to accumulate, how long the registered charity will need to accumulate the funds, and why the registered charity wishes to accumulate these funds. We will confirm permission to accumulate property in writing.

    Arm's length

    At arm's length is a tax concept describing a relationship where persons act independently of each other or who are not related. The term "not at arm's length" means persons acting in concert without separate interests or who are related.

    Related persons are individuals who are related to each other by blood, marriage, or adoption. Examples of blood relatives include grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, and children. Examples of persons related by marriage include the grandparents of a spouse, the parents of a spouse, the brothers and sisters of a spouse, the spouse of a child, and the spouse of a grandchild. Generally, in determining arm's length relationships, common law partners are treated in the same way as legally married spouses. Adopted children are treated in the same way as blood-related children.

    Related persons also include individuals or groups and the corporations in which they have a controlling interest. Persons related to these individuals or groups are also considered related to those corporations.

    You will find more information on this subject in Interpretation Bulletin IT-419R, Meaning of Arm's Length.

    So, I'm guessing that either these three guys in the position of Trustees, either are related to each other somehow, or they are claiming that they have a "controlling interest" in the charitable organization/congregation.

    Can someone help us understand why they'd change from an "at arm's length" declaration, to a "not at arm's length" declaration?

  • anewme

    I never concerned myself with the accounts report because I never gave the Kingdom Hall a dime. Shocking but true.

  • Honesty

    West 70:

    I apologise for taking so long to reply. I kept looking for the thread I posted the info on.
    Here is a condensed version:

    Sister Fxxx decided to donate $30,000 that was needed to pave the KH parking lot.

    She gave the local KH a check for $30,000.

    The brothers sent her $30,000 to the WTBT$.

    The parking lot proposal was voted on and approved but her donation was not mentioned.

    The WTBT$ loaned the KH $30,000 for the parking lot.

    Sister Fxxx found out the $ didn't go for the parking lot when she got a thankyou from the WTBT$ for her donation for the World Wide Work and cried FOUL.

    The brothers ignored her until she said she had donated the $ for the parking lot not the World Wide Work..

    The brothers decided to pay her back cuz she threatened to sue them for sending the $ to Crooklyn when the $ was supposed to be for the KH parking lot.

    The local congregation had to pay $30,000 + interest to the WTBT$.

    The local congregation had to pay Sister Fxxxx back $30,000.

    The WTBT$ realised a $30,000 profit from Sister Fxxx'ss donation.

    The WTBT$ realised a profit on the $30,000 loan they made to the local KH.

    The congregation in effect paid $60,000 + interest paid to the WTBT$ on $30,000 borrowed from the WTBT$ for a $30,000 parking lot that they would have had for free if the WTBT$ had been honest.

    So much for a loving brotherhood operating out of Crooklyn, NY Bethel.

  • Scully


    What you have described is practically FRAUD. Sister Moneybags needs to report this to the police and get it investigated by a forensic accountant.

    Particularly considering she donated the money with specific instructions that it finance the KH's parking lot, not go to the WorldWideWork™.

  • West70


    Thanks for replying. I may not relate my own "parking lot" incident-gone-wrong, but your last story reminded me of another one that I didn't even recall the other day.

    I once attended a SAD (probably, but maybe CA - I really don't recall) outside my own circuit, and since that Circuit was economically depressed, and knowing that the Elders frequently were made to make up the shortfall in SAD/CA donations to pay for the facility rental, I dropped a check in a contribution box first thing Saturday morning, along with a note containing my address for the tax receipt.

    Well, instead of taking my donation as it was meant - to relieve the locals of the burden of paying for the facility rental - the DO "suggested" to the Elders that since the donation came from someone outside their circuit that it would be only proper for the circuit to donate my donation to Brooklyn - that it was the duty of the locals to pay their own SAD expenses.

    This incident happened about a year or two before the "stage furniture" donation to a "strange" KH was appropriated by the BOE to payoff one of the elders.

    I also know that I got screwed over for a third time when making a "parking lot" donation to a KH to which I did not belong.

    I also made several other donations to other KHs to which I visted only once or even not at all. Now, I wonder if those donations were used by those KHs for my "designated purpose", or whether one or more of those donations were intervened by the CO, who also forced those Congs to forward the money to Brooklyn.

    I can sincerely say to the people in Brooklyn that I hope they CHOKE on the money they hypocritically STOLE from not just me, but the local JWs who I had intended to help.

    When I call the JWs in Brooklyn:


    -- I can PROVE IT !!!

  • Honesty
    When I call the JWs in Brooklyn:


    -- I can PROVE IT !!!

    They are worse than mere thieves because not obly do they steal their victims $, they also steal their souls at the same time.

    Yes, Scully it is fraud but unfortunately this poor deceived sister believes they have the Truth™ so she suffers in silence most of the time. The elders 'fixed' the problem with her at the expense of the congregation.

  • snarf

    I donated on a regular bases when I was going and the last time I gave, our hall was under remodeling, new chairs, carpet, speaker system, painting, etc... I gave a very sizeable amount and what was read on the report was less than I gave, so I didn't give anymore.

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