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  • Honesty

    Why doesn't the Watchtower Society allow Accounts Servants to make copies of the accounts Report and pass them out to all attendees at the Kingdom Hall so they can follow along as he reads the report? That way all the dubs could more fully share in the joy that comes out of giving from the heart?

    At the church I attend we have a quarterly business meeting where every one receives a complete financial statement that has been audited by several committees in order to insure that every penny is accounted for. It always bothered me that the Accounts Report was so vague and there seemed to be no checks and balances in place to verify where all the money really went.

  • serendipity

    They post it on the board in my cong.

  • Dune

    They post it on the board here too. Its funny that they require local congregations to submit accoutns reports but not the soceity itself.

  • Honesty

    That must be something new. Or... the local elders in my old KH were afraid the story about the sister who gave $ for the KH renovations (actually it was for paving the parking lot) would get out if the figures didn't jive. In the almost 5 years I was in that building after it was thrown together built in one weekend I never saw the accounts report on the bulletin information board.

  • blondie

    I too always wondered why the congregation read a monthly accounts report and the headquarters did not. Do they still read it at the assemblies/conventions?

    Not all congregations post the accounts report on the "information board." That is at the discretion of the PO. I would think you could try asking to see the report.

    I can remember moving from a congregation that posted it to one that did not. They acted like I was nuts to ask to see it. (same town too).


  • Nina
    no checks and balances in place to verify where all the money really went

    Or if it even got there! More than once the amount given as total donations for the month was less than the amount I personally put in the contribution box. I was by no means wealthy and there were several in the congregation who were; I'm sure they donated on a regular basis, so where were the funds?


  • blondie

    My husband was the accounts servant to the rescue. He straightened out more records due to incompetent brothers. Remember, they only have to have spiritual qualifications. They don't have to be able to add and subtract. One congregation had the PO's wife do the accounts because the brothers were such duds. But the PO signed the report and it was kept hush-hush.


  • stillajwexelder

    It is the Circuit Assembly and Special Assembly Day accounts report tha treally piss me off - they are always in deficit

  • West70


    I would be interested in hearing more about the "sister" who donated $$$ for paving a KH parking lot and the implied "irregularities", since I myself have paid for the paving of more than one KH parking lot, and there were also some "funny" goings on with at least one of those parking lots.

    Also, I will relate one instance of visiting a Congregation on a Sunday, and being told of their "need" for funds to purchase certain new stage furniture. Well, after getting home, I sat down and mailed that Congregation a check for $1000.00, which would pay for what I had been told that they wanted. I received the standard tax receipt, but heard no more from them. I've forgotten exactly how long it was, but roughly 6-8 months later, I again visited this Congregation, with the obvious expectation of seeing the "new stage furniture" which I had paid for.

    Well, when I enter the KH, I notice two things. First, NO new stage furniture, and Second, the Elders are avoiding greeting me.

    After the meeting, I finally am able to corner one of the Elders, but I wait for him to raise the issue. He doesn't. Then, the same from a second Elder. Finally, I raise the issue myself, and receive a quick reply that is nonsensical.

    My memory is lapsing at this point, but I believe that I dropped it at that point, since it was "obvious" that something was WRONG.

    I believe that I went home and then telephoned back one of the Elders, since I knew that most JW Elders have an easier time explaining "stuff" if they don't have to do it "face-to-face".

    Sure enough, "stuff" happened.

    Although my $1000.00 check included a letter explaining that the donation was specifically for the congregation to buy their "needed" stage furniture, the BOE decided "they" INSTEAD would "use" my $1000.00 to pay off an old $1000. loan made to the KH by ...... GUESS WHO???

    One of the BOE.

    I was upset, and I demanded to know which Elder of the BOE ended up with the $1000.

    The Elder who I telephoned refused to tell me, and although I had otherwise approached this in true "theocratic form" (never claiming any "ownership in the $1000, or "glory" for making the donation) he boldly proclaimed that the $1000.00 was "Jehovah's Money", and as His "representatives" the BOE had every right to use the money as they saw fit - irregardless of my "designated purpose".

    At the time, I was a confirmed "koolaid drinker", so I tucked tail and went on with my JW life. However, I got my money's worth, since this served as just one more straw that eventually broke the back of the proverbial camel.

    If Honesty replies to my parking lot Q, I will relate another "good one".

    Otherwise, folks here should understand that this was "days gone by", and now I have my hands full paying a parking fee, much less paying for the paving of a parking lot.

  • Scully


    It is the Circuit Assembly and Special Assembly Day accounts report tha treally piss me off - they are always in deficit

    You know that is done on purpose, right? Typically, these reports are read at the end of the morning sessions on the last day of the Assembly. They purposely DO NOT INCLUDE money that has been collected from that morning's sessions, so that the people attending will be pressured into taking out their wallets again at lunch time and yet again at the close of sessions.

    (Formerly guarded contribution boxes between sessions)

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