Doctor who?

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  • Leolaia

    I just got done watching the whole series 1 on DVD this weekend. When you see them all together over a few days, it's fascinating how they tried to tie together all the episodes. Although I'm liking the new Doctor a little more than Eccleston, I do miss the chemistry and dynamic between Rose and the Doctor in the first series...which is one of the things I like so much about it. I know they're phasing her out, and so Rose and Mickey were on the sidelines of this week's episode and the Doctor practically seemed not to care about them when he left them behind (which seemed out of character), but I'm hoping he's not really becoming more indifferent of her.

    I'm glad to hear that Torchwood is not a bad spin-off, tho I would imagine it would have similar quality of writing if Russell T. Davies is behind it. I just want more Captain Jack. ;)

  • Leolaia

    Okay, okay, okay, you lucky U.K. dogs.....tell me, tell me, how was "Smith and Jones"? I don't want any spoilers (please!), but I would like to know if it was an enjoyable episode and if Freema/Martha Jones holds her own. I was pretty disappointed by "Runaway Bride"....pretty ridiculous premise with the Racnoss ship and huons, retread with the pilot fish Christmas theme, and the Racnoss monster had an even more annoying voice than Catherine Tate (imagine that).... Anyway, whatcha think????

  • LittleToe

    I'm a Tom Baker fan, I'm afraid, but I have to give kudos to David Tennant as he's really made the role his own. I have to put him in second place, which is a reasonable accolade.

    I think it was deplorable for Peter Eccleston to give up after a single series. He should be shot at dawn!

    Now maybe someone who is more into trivia than I could tell me if the "dark Doctor" (yet future, but then we are talking about Time Lords, after all, and I can't remember the character's name) was between the 12th and 13th? Its going to be interesting to see if they remember that and weave it into the storyline at some future date.

  • blondie

    Eccleston has popped up on the new NBC show Heroes playing a man whose power is invisibility and was part of the organization that has been tracking down other "heroes."

    I think Doctor Who was a better gig for him. I miss Rose and wonder if her character's future ended when Eccleston left?

    I've been trying to track down when the next season will air in the US on Sci-Fi.

    Blondie (misses Tom Baker)

  • TD

    If you're a Dr. Who fan and a Catherine Tate fan (That would be me) you might get a kick out of this...

  • Leolaia

    blondie....SciFi Channel aired Season Two back in was a great season; in some ways it was better than the first. It brought the story of Rose to a satisfying conclusion, even developed Mickey's character far beyond what occurred in the first season. Also had a great story bringing back Sarah Jane Smith and K9. It's out on DVD; I recommend picking it up or renting it if available. It might air soon on BBC America tho (as they wrapped up Season One recently).

  • LittleToe


    Eccleston has popped up on the new NBC show Heroes playing a man whose power is invisibility and was part of the organization that has been tracking down other "heroes."

    So are you telling me that half the time you can't see him? That's fitting!

    Minor spoiler alert: Rose's character only takes off once he leaves...

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    I never really ever watched Dr Who. But last night, I had a chance to watch an entire episode on a local PBS station. And I must say, I enjoyed it very much.....Actually, it was an episode with the Daliks, and the Dr was the guy with the long Harry Potter Scarf. (sorry, I don't know the name of the Actor). That was the first time I've ever seen an episode with the Dalkis. They were searching for their creator (the same guy Clam posted a picture of earlier in this thread). I didn't realize how good this show is. I found the show wonderfully campy, humorous, and intellectual at the same time. Obey.....obey......exterminate....exterminate.......I didn't know what I was missing.....

  • Leolaia

    El Kabong....That was the classic Tom Baker. :) Everyone else: Okay, don't forget, I want to hear from those in the U.K. who got to see the series three premiere last night! How was it? (no spoilers please) Did you like Martha Jones? Was it a good solid episode?

    I did download the episode last night from YouTube but I haven't seen it yet....gonna let it age a little first. :)

  • done4good

    This is cool. I was a big fan when I was a kid. I believe the 4th Doctor was the best.


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