Has there been any fall out yet over the Higher Education WT article?

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    I think it depends on the congregation. In mine if you go to a 4 yr university you are viewed as not having the pioneer spirit by the elders. You are questioned as to why a trade school wasnt sufficient which is stupid because the median price of a house in our territory is like $450,000. Can't pay that kind of mortgage working at McDonalds.

    In a congregation the next circuit over all the kids go to 4 yr college, even the elders kids.. So it just depends.

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    9 How much education does a young Christian need in order to respect these Bible principles and meet his Christian obligations?This varies from country to country. By and large, however, it seems that the general trend in many lands is that the level of schooling required to earn decent wages is now higher than it was a few years ago. Reports received from branches of the Watch Tower Society in different parts of the world indicate that in many places it is difficult to find jobs with decent wages after completing simply the minimum schooling required by law or in some countries even after finishing secondary or high school.

    I think this was the paragraph that changed things in the witnesses minds back then. This was all it took. What does that mean? It means a higher education is what dubs REALLY thought was the best advise in the first place.....and they jumped on it like ants on candy.

    Even though the article stressed higher education as a "means to and end"..... meaning 'use this higher education somehow in the furtherance of Jehovahs work as soon as possible' ....99% of the dubs rather used this opportunity to better THEMSELVES(eg; better cars, houses, investments, etc.

    How many dubs do you know who went to college, got a good paying job, then managed to pioneer somehow?


    How many dubs do you know who went to college, got a good paying job, then managed to pioneer somehow?

    I know of a few actually. Now they are well off pioneers who drive nice cars and go on extravagant vacations but they are not viewed as materialistic because they are pioneering. What a freaking double standard!

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