Has there been any fall out yet over the Higher Education WT article?

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  • silentWatcher


    that article is NOT the one they are referring too. The '92 article "let the genie out of the bottle", since it was interpreted as "college is now okay". Bent quite a few noses. They've been trying to take it back ever sense. In the past year, they effectively have recanted those articles.


  • garybuss

    Silent, you wrote:

    In the past year, they effectively have recanted those articles.
    I know:-)
    I was replying in fact to La Capra.

  • GoingGoingGone

    My daughter is going to college in the fall. She's applying for a large scholarship, and needed a reference from someone who was not a family member or from her school (teacher, counsler, etc.)

    Since we've been JWs her entire life, that narrows the possiblities. The only other people she knows are JWs. So she asked a really good friend of ours from the KH to write the reference for her. He's an elder in our hall who is 'cool' and great with kids and who my daughter considered her buddy. She was shocked when he refused. He told her that he couldn't do such a thing, as it would help her to go away to college, something he was very much against her doing.

    She's fuming now. (YAY!!) Three cheers for conditional-JW-'love'...


  • kristyann

    How is it that, after those October 2005 articles that CLEARLY slammed higher education COMPLETELY, some JWs still convince themselves that it's okay for them to go to college? Don't get me wrong.. I would encourage MANY of them to go to college (although I do not think that college is for everyone). But I definitely am not saying that they SHOULDN'T go to college... they should, especially if the alternative is "pioneering." But I am just wondering how JWs trick themselves into believing that college is okay? I know they trick themselves into thinking a LOT of things... but these articles made it COMPLETELY clear what the Watchtower's stand on higher education is... which, in essence, means "what Jehovah's position is," in the JW's minds. So how is it that people give talks about this, answer questions about it at the WT study... and then send their kids there? Does it just mean that they don't really care what Jehovah says when it comes to the opportunity to make more money?

    How do they convince themselves college is okay after those VERY blatant articles?

  • LDH
    No, I don't want any of you younger ones to waste their lives as I've wasted mine


    I know. I said JWs--not Ex-JWs. I was referring to all those in their 60's and beyond who have the attitude "Cleaning toilets is good enough for me, it should be good enough for you too." I was NOT referring to people such as yourself.


  • High School Graduate
    High School Graduate

    I have wondered for some time about the viability of a class action suit against the WBTS on behalf of the countless people who have been financially harmed by the Society's long-standing prohibition, both explicit and implicit, on post-secondary education. The statistical income differential is well-documented. The impact seems to have been almost universal among those growing up in the organization, though more recently, reality seems so have set intruded in some quarters so that savvy parents have quietly sent their kids to college anyway. Remedies sought could include compensation to class members for the income differential.

  • serendipity

    Hi high school grad, welcome to the forum!

  • truthseeker


    Many witnesses view college as OK because of the end result - hopefully the student will be well qualified to take on the job in his or her major and be able to support themselves.

    Even if the student doesn't get a job in his/her major, the hope is that their years of education have given them good grounding and discipline to do a good job. Four years goes quickly, but a graduate who has completed this has demonstrated discipline, completed their assignments and are a more rounded individual.

    An elder I know is sending his son to university because he came to this country as an immigrant - he knows what it's like to struggle and he doesn't want his son to stuggle either.

    In this country, a Bachelor's Degree is the new High School Diploma and you can't do much without it.

    Education is emphasized a lot in this country, and many witnesses see as unreasonable the view that the Society has of college and university and higher education in general.

    If the Society was not against higher education but against the bad atttitudes and immorality found at instituted of higher education, why not encourage witnesses ro pursue an online degree or telecourse degree?

    People who go on to higher education are not only learning about their majors, but also about critical thinking, analysis etc.

    The WT wants SHEEP, because sheep follow, they do not question. Can you imagine the sheep leading the shepherd? This could never happen, but what if the sheep prefers not to follow the shepherd and go a different path? then you have a problem, and this is why the Society do not want college educated witnesses.

    Education is the last bastion of parents and students - touch it, oppose it, prevent it and you risk having a much lower JW membership

  • anewme

    It is one thing for a person to place him or herself in a servant's position by listening to the stupid counsel to refuse higher education because it will erase all spirituality from a person's mind.
    (Tell that to Moses or Daniel or Solomon or Paul) Ha!!!

    But it is quite another to look into the eyes of your beautiful teenage son or daughter and say "I want you to remain ignorant and to clean the toilets of the world or serve the hamburgers or pizzas of the world. I want you to remain on your feet all day in the fitting rooms of the clothing stores. I want the managers of the world to boss you around and make you feel like nothing and expendable".
    "I want you to worry how to feed your family."
    "I want you to not be able to buy a house or a new car."
    "I want you to remain single and live with me because you cannot afford an apartment of your own let alone think of supporting a wife and kids."
    "I want you to not be able to afford medical insurance and so go without checkups or medical help"

    Good grief I could go on and on. What kind of parental love is that?????

    If I had a child I would have left a waaaaaaaaaaay sooner!!!!

  • willyloman

    From the '92 article, which Gary posted above:

    So when parents and young Christians today, after carefully and prayerfully weighing the pros and cons, decide for or against postsecondary studies, others in the congregation should not criticize them.

    This was "new light" at the time. They've been running away from this position ever since. Now the thinking is, "others...can and WILL criticize them."

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